03 March, 2012

GeekAlerts: “Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener” plus 16 more

GeekAlerts: “Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener” plus 16 more

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Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 04:50 AM PST

Once upon a time ago, before digital kicked everything's butt, photographers had to use film to take pictures, and the Twin Lens Reflex camera was the top dog in the camera world. The Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener is a great touch of nostalgia that harkens back to those bygone days, and it's actually useful [...]

Swatch Touch

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 11:37 PM PST

Swatch has been around for decades, and it’s probably because they get the whole idea of reinventing their watches and staying relevant with pop culture. We’ve shown you the funky urban Kidrobot for Swatch collection, and now we’d like to turn your eyes towards the Swatch Touch collection featuring touchscreen watch faces. Since we are such a touchscreen-obsessed society, Swatch Touch [...]

Warrior Guard Leather Waste Basket

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 09:28 PM PST

When our office moved to another building, a lot of people were still in the process of moving their stuff. So for the first few days or so, it was common to see plastic or paper bags being used as temporary trash cans. The regular garbage bins are all in place now, but I recently [...]

Grass Blades Bookmark

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:24 PM PST

The need for bookmarks is on the decline now that people are getting hooked to e-readers, but a lot of us still rely on and haven’t totally given up on paper books. For all you grass-roots bookworms out there, the Grass Blades Bookmark is a freshest way to mark your spot(s). Made like the post-its we know and love, [...]

Micro Scooter Luggage

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 05:21 PM PST

You know how you’re at the airport, and you’re running around and acting like a huge mess because you’re about to miss your flight? I once heard a story about a man who ran through the gates and made his flight–only to realize that he left his luggage near the men’s room! Pretty crazy, right? [...]

KegSkins Neoprene Beer Keg Insulator

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:55 PM PST

Getting a party rolling is easy if you have cold beer. However, keeping a keg of beer cold isn’t always easy. Sure you can use a keg refrigerator like the Alpina Beer Bar, if you can afford it and have electricity available. However, if you’re on a budget or having your party in a park, [...]

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 03:34 PM PST

Most people have an issue of some sort with a certain part of their body. Some people want to be thinner, some want a longer nose, and there are those who think their thighs are too big. Hitting the gym can solve several of these, but what the gym can’t help with is changing certain [...]

Handy / Rescue Multi-Tool

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 01:32 PM PST

Even if the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming in 2012, as some people believe, it is still a good idea to be prepared. You never know when an accident or natural disaster might happen, and you’ll need something like the Innovation Factory Handy / Rescue Multi-Tool in an emergency. Just about every guy has at least [...]

Dynomighty Mighty Wallets

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 01:11 PM PST

Last year GeekAlerts introduced Dynomighty Mighty Wallets, thin and strong Tyvek wallets in a wide variety of cool designs. Now we’re showing some Dynomighty Wallets again because, for a limited time, they are available cheap (with free shipping) through Groupon. Choose between unique designs such as a stack of $100 bills, cheese puffs, playing cards, [...]

iMusic Wireless Hat

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 11:38 AM PST

Music makes everything better but listening to your favorite tunes can be an uncomfortable experience when a freezing winter wind is attacking your ears. The iMusic Wireless Hat lets you keep the jams going while keeping those little flaps of flesh on the side of your head all cozy and warm. You might have seen [...]

Strida LT Folding Bike

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 11:13 AM PST

Using a bicycle to commute is certainly eco-friendly, but what if you don’t have a good place to keep the bike? The solution is the Strida LT Folding Bike, which you can fold up in 5 seconds flat for easy carrying and storage. Now you don’t have worry about your bike getting stolen or exposed [...]

Like Foam Hand

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 09:41 AM PST

Facebook is great for telling people what things you like, but what do you do in the real world? Well, you can just tell people, or you can use this Like Foam Hand. If you see something you like, just hold up this hand and give it a thumbs up. Everyone will know how you [...]

Black Bear Toilet Roll Holder

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:58 AM PST

Do you need a new toilet roll holder? Does a bear poop in the woods? Of course you do. And what better holder than a bear? As you do your business this Black Bear Toilet Roll Holder will have no choice but to grin and bare it. It looks great in any bathroom, but especially [...]

AeroShots Breathable Energy Shot

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:39 AM PST

Tired of drinking your energy from a coffee cup or can? Wish you could inhale it instead? Well, this is your lucky day. With AeroShots Breathable Energy Shot, you can inhale it all. Drinking is so last century. We are talking inhalable caffeine with no calories and it will give you lots of buzz. Get [...]

Tyrannosaurus Pen

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:35 AM PST

It’s a dinosaur. It’s a pen. It’s the Tyrannosaurus Pen. It may be time to start writing that great American dinosaur novel with this awesome-tastic pen/dino figure. Just pull the T. rex’s tail to reveal the pen. Buy two and you can have some literary dino wars. Make them fight, write, then fight again. It [...]

Native Union Play Video Memo Pad

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:30 AM PST

You could always write out a to-do list and stick it on the fridge, but pen and paper is cold and impersonal. It’s much better to leave a video message. That way they can hear you growl and see you scowl when you tell them to do their chores. The Native Union Play Video Memo [...]

Anti-Ticket Donut

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 07:05 AM PST

If you get stopped by a police officer, don’t try to sweet talk him or kiss his butt. Just present him with this Anti-Ticket Donut and you should be fine. Everyone knows that cops love donuts. Consider this your insurance against speeding tickets. It comes in a platinum colored can with a windowed lid. There [...]