27 May, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Angry Birds Land finally launches in Finland

Posted: 27 May 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Rovio of Finland has certainly come up with a hit of game with the Angry Birds franchise, and here they are with their latest launch, the Angry Birds Land which recently opened up within Sarkanniemi Amusement Park itself in Tampere, Finland. This is officially the first theme park of its kind that is based on the Angry Birds franchise, going great lengths to show just how far the addictive smartphone game has become. Of course, we did hear about an unlicensed Angry Birds park appearing in China last year, but this is the real deal here in Finland.

According to Sarkanniemi Adventure Park CEO Miikka Seppala, “We wanted to create a unique themed area and associate it with a strong and well-known brand." I guess they have pretty much cornered the market in terms of a well known brand, as the Angry Birds franchise too, will be going through the paces in being developed into a major motion picture. Would you prefer going to Disneyland or the Angry Birds Land?


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Babolat Play & Connect interactive tennis racquet

Posted: 27 May 2012 07:43 AM PDT

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is why it makes perfect sense for one to indulge in some form of sports or physical activities even when your work schedule has already kept you occupied to the maximum. While there are many different kinds of sports to get involved in, you would do well to choose just one and be specialized in it. For tennis buffs who have long enjoyed the run at the top by Roger Federer, and are now checking out the kind of competition that Djokovic is receiving from Rafael Nadal, et al, might be interested in the Babolat Play & Connect interactive tennis racquet.

This unique interactive tennis racquet was specially designed in order to look and resemble whatever else you will find from Babolat, the French sporting manufacturer. What makes this different from the rest would be the inclusion of plenty of sensors as well as electronics that are able to record data concerning a player’s game, enabling one to analyze their performance. All the collected data can then be downloaded over USB, or you can always catch up on the live statistics over a wireless connection to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

According to Babolat, they are working with movement analyzing firm Movea in order to produce the racquet, and this special racquet has already been in the pipeline for the past 5 years. Not only that, this is the first MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology enabled racquet which will feature the integrated ability that enables it to gather and analyze game data.

Just what is the objective of the Play & Connect racquet? Well, it was developed in order to help tennis players, whether one is a pro and amateur, to be able to access the information as and when required in order for them to analyze their game, ranging from the strokes that they have played (forehand, backhand, serve), ball spin, the position of the ball on the string bed, power during play and service speed. This treasure trove of information can then be viewed live or retrospectively, while raw data means performances can also be compared by players or their coaches.


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