06 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Swingline Stack-and-Shred, Protecting your Privacy

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 06:51 AM PST

It used to be that one couldn’t imagine the need for a shredder, sure, big companies that dealt with serious financial information had to destroy records, but when I grew up, for the most part people didn’t lock their doors, and nobody shredded anything. Times have changed and some companies shred not just to protect their customers privacy, but to save themselves! Folks have shredders at home. What is the world coming to?

Luckily, if we are going to destroy sensitive items, there’s a much better way to do it, Swingline’s Stack-and-Shred. No longer must you feed your machine page by page, removing staples and paper clips as you go, this monster eats them all. Simply stack them in the loading tray and this cross cut shredder will turn your important documents into 335 pieces of useless information. Time to get rid of those pesky credit cards? The Stack-and Shred destroys them too! (quicker and easier than my husband with a pair of scissors)

The Stack-and-Shred offers quiet, hands-free shredding. Just fill the bin, shut the lid and you’re done. Available in 5 different sizes from, home office to large corporation, these shredders range from a 60 sheet capacity to the commercial 500x model which can automatically destroy up to 500 sheets of paper, along with credit cards, CD’s or photos and empty the remains into a huge 21 gallon bin. The 500x also debuts a PIN protected loading lid that allows you to load the bin and walk away from your damaging documents. Phew! Thats a relief.

Prices range from about $169 to $2500 and most units are available from staples.com


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CLEANCut Paper Towel Dispenser – Goes to any Length

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 06:04 AM PST

Paper towels, the forgotten kitchen essential, I always leave my paper towels right on the counter. There are always folks who take their paper towels a bit more seriously and feel the need to mount a towel holder to the wall or under their cabinets. This next item takes the paper towel to a whole new level and makes the mundane task of paper towel dispensing high tech.

Welcome the CLEANCut touchless paper towel dispenser. Unlike similar automatic dispensers, the CLEANCut instantly reacts to you breaking a beam of LED light. You begin dispensing by breaking the beam and decide when its time to “cut to size” by breaking the beam on the opposite side. There is no need to wait, no need to touch anything with your dirty little hands,  CLEANCut sensors will instantly slice and deliver your towel.

Interestingly, CLEANCut works with any brand of paper towels, not requiring you to purchase a special refill for their unit, and it certainly doesn’t mind perforated brands, it still slices the paper where you command. Obviously not having to touch anything in order to grab a towel helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria and its just so darn convenient.

I’m thinking I’ll probably use less paper towels, since there are many times I take a whole piece, or even two, when just one half would do. It’s no secret I am also in love with gadgets, the more the better, so why not bring my paper towels into the fold?

The CLEANCut is available in black, white or stainless steel finish starting at around $139.00 from cleancutdispenser.com


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Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:30 AM PST

I believe that there are two schools of thought when it comes to running and cycling – one of them prefer the actual outdoors, traversing off the beaten trails as well as pavements and parks, while the other prefer a more sterilized environment which is far safer, and in the comfort of an air conditioned room, hence the springing up of gyms and fitness centers all over the place. Those who love cycling and yet prefer to remain indoors at their own comfort can always settle for the $7,000 Virtual Mountain Bike Racing Simulator.

This exercise bike will come with a video screen that actually simulates riding a mountain bike through outdoor courses. You will naturally use your pedal as well as steer the bike to control the on-screen avatar that is depicted via a 17″ color LCD monitor, and to challenge yourself to faster times, you will be up against other virtual cyclists on one of 80 outdoor courses. Some of the courses include a serpentine desert course, in addition to an undulating highland track. Yes, you might be shielded from the elements by riding on this, but you also lose out on experiencing the actual terrain. It really depends on what floats your boat.

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Mercedes Benz comes up with one-sided invisible car

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 05:00 AM PST

James Bond called up Mercedes Benz, and he wants his car back. This ad campaign from the German marque definitely captured the attention of many people, where a Canon 5D Mark II camera is mounted on one side of the vehicle to record and send a live video feed over to the opposite side of the car, that incidentally is covered all over with LEDs, making the vehicle look “invisible”. Not forgetting the fact that the F-Cell from Mercedes Benz is an all-electric vehicle, you can be sure that the lack of noise from a gas-powered engine will make this vehicle all the more invisible to our senses, including sound.

Not too sure as to whether this is ever going to make its way to the military or a future film, but at least it is a start in terms of cloaking a particular vehicle. I suppose it is not going to be too safe either to drive this on the road, as an unsuspecting cyclist or motorcyclist might just ram into the side of your expensive Mercedes simply because they thought that it was a clear path ahead. Hey, stuff like that happens, I walked right into a glass wall once simply because I thought there was nothing there.


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Beats By Dr. Dre Beatbox arrive at AT&T

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:30 AM PST

I am always curious about the marketing claim by audio companies who proudly proclaim that their peripherals or devices will make the song you hear over them sound as though the way it was meant to be by the artist. Having heard that a gazillion times, I do have this burning desire to one day pull Lady Gaga aside (if I can meet her), shove a pair of Beats By Dr. Dre Beatbox that will be hitting AT&T this March 11th into her hands, ask her to give it a go with one of her signature tunes playing over my iPod touch that is connected to it.

If she says that “Yes, this is how it is meant to be heard, and it is what I had in mind”, then props to the Beats by Dr. Dre brand. Otherwise, I would have lost my faith in audio companies who promise the earth and the sky, and yet fail to deliver on a very practical matter. What do you think? Still, I do not want to jeopardize the Beats By Dr. Dre Beatbox image by overlooking it due to my personal thought, and will expound on its hardware specifications after the jump.

Available as an exclusive device from AT&T this coming March 11th, the Beats By Dr. Dre Beatbox is said to be the “ultimate experience in sound quality.” This high performance wireless audio system will be available in a choice of white or black colors, and can be yours for $399 a pop. Beats By Dr. Dre is said to deliver rich, full sounds thanks to professional-grade sound engineering which are able to play the music how the artist intended, boasting a distortion-free sound at higher volume and real bass regardless of the audio level.

Some of the hardware specifications for Beats By Dr. Dre Beatbox include wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a full-featured remote with On/Off, Volume, Mute, Scan and Skip buttons, a high level of portability thanks to easy-carry handles on both sides, the option between a computer power supply and half a dozen D-cell batteries, a 5.25″ woofer and a 3.5mm input for other sources.

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Gigabyte unveils U2442N and U2442V Ultrabooks

Posted: 06 Mar 2012 04:00 AM PST

CeBIT is the place to be if you are interested to see what is the latest and greatest in computing technology, at least for those living in Europe. Gigabyte has stepped up a notch by announcing a couple of Ultrabooks that will be making their way to the masses, in the form of the U2442N and U2442V. Both of them will be 14″ devices, where they will not only offer a decent level of performance, but will also be thin enough at a mere 18.5mm to 20.5mm, tipping the scales at a mere 1.49Kg, making them a whole lot easier to tote around no matter where you go.

Do not look down on them just because they are thin – they are still fantastic choices in terms of portable power and performance. The U2442N is no slouch in terms of processing power, boasting a powerful 3rd generation Intel Core i5/i7 standard voltage processor, while the U2442V will run off an excellent 3rd generation Intel Core i5/i7 ULV processor. Both the notebooks will come with a HD+ (1600 x 900 pixels) LED Backlight display that delivers bright and vivid images.

As for graphical performance, the two of them will come equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M GPU with 2GB VRAM, offering an outstanding experience whenever you want to take a short break from work and indulge in a little bit of game time. You can choose from a high capacity 750GB hard drive, or if performance is of your utmost priority, then a SSD would make the better choice. As for its backlight keyboard, it comes in handy if you are one who loves working late into the night, and with minimal lighting.

Other shared specifications of the U2442N and U2442V include USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, Thunderbolt (optional), and 2T2R Double Antenna Wi-Fi connectivity. No idea on pricing on pricing as at press time, but I surely believe that Gigabyte will price them according to what the market dictates at the moment for such devices. Have you hopped on board the Ultrabook bandwagon just yet, and if you haven’t done so, what is stopping you?

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