17 October, 2011

Nokia N9 Philippines First Power Up Video! MeeGo Rocks!

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 12:08 PM PDT
I was so excited powering up Nokia N9 for the first time, I couldn't hold the camera still!

nokia n9
I mean, who wouldn't be excited to dive into MeeGo?!

It felt good setting the timezone to the Philippines. I guess it's really here; Nokia N9 has made it to the Gadget Capital of the World.

Ah, I love this phone!

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Posted: 17 Oct 2011 10:38 AM PDT
The ultra-amazing MeeGo-powered Nokia N9, which we first saw in Nokia Connection 2011, has finally reached TP's humble hideout!

nokia n9
You have to hold it in the flesh to fully appreciate its monoblock construction. The curved glass display is simply breathtaking.

And this can only mean that it's only a matter of days before all of you can purchase your unit from any of Nokia's stores across the Philippines! Yes, Nokia fans, the smartphone you've been waiting for has finally reached our shores and will be officially available soon!

nokia n9

Right now, true to our tradition here in TechPinas, here's my one-handed unboxing video of the Nokia N9:

So again, what's inside the box?

1. The Nokia N9 unit itself
2. Quick Guide
3. Nokia N9 Silicon Case
4. Charger
5. USB Connector
6. Earphones
7. Product Safety Information

There you go. Share the great news with your friends in Facebook and Twitter!

NEXT: Let's power it up!

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Posted: 17 Oct 2011 03:52 AM PDT
I got this inquiry from Edwin R. of Cagayan de Oro last Saturday,
"[TP, how can I increase uptime of my Samsung Galaxy S2?]"

samsung galaxy s2
Samsung Galaxy S2 in the flesh.

TP Answer:

Hi Edwin! Thanks for the email!

Actually the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2 is already quite decent. I get around a whole day on Wifi without having to recharge.

But if you're serious about extending its uptime, here are five things you can do:

1. Turn off Background Data - Go to Settings, Accounts & Sync, Uncheck Background Data

2. Set Display Brightness to Zero - Go to Settings, Display, Brightness, Slide the bar to lowest setting

3. Turn off Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data - Go to Settings, Wireless & Networks, Uncheck Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Network

4. Turn off Animations - Go to Settings, Display, Animation, Choose No Animations

5. Turn off Vibrate Feedback and Touch Tones - Go to Settings, Sound, Uncheck Vibrate box, Slide-down, Uncheck Audible Touch Tones, Uncheck Vibrate Feedback box.

Alternatively or if you want a more permanent solution (without sacrificing connectivity and screen brightness), you might want to get a Mugen Extended Battery Pack for the phone - just search for batteries specifically made for SGS2. I think the 3200 mAh pack will keep your phone up for up to 2 days straight on 3G. Not bad, eh?

mugen battery

I'm using Mugen Battery on some of my Android handsets and so far, I haven't experienced any problems. (Still, try at your own risk.) Sure, it will make your phone a tad more bulky but then, you also get that much needed extended uptime. Check it out.

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