04 November, 2011



Nokia N9 Philippines Pre-Order via Smart Postpaid, Live! Get Free Wireless Music Receiver MD-310 When You Order Now!

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 04:51 AM PDT

Got the great news from Nokia Philippines Facebook Page a few minutes ago!

Turns out, Smart Communications is the official carrier of Nokia N9 in the Philippines and the company is now accepting pre-orders!

Nokia N9 comes in three colors - Cyan, Black and Magenta - and in two variants, the 16GB and 64GB versions. You can get both variants as free bundled handset with these Smart Postpaid Plans:

Nokia N9 (16GB): FREE at All-in Plan 3500
Nokia N9 (64GB): P1,200 cashout at All-in Plan 3500
Nokia N9 (16GB): FREE at UnliData Plan 2000
Nokia N9 (64GB): FREE at UnliData Plan 3000

But here's the coolest part: When you pre-order your Nokia N9 via Smart Postpaid from November 04 to 18, 2011, you get a free Wireless Music Receiver MD-310, which liberates your digital music libraries from mobile to home stereos using the Bluetooth technology! Isn't that nice?!

Stylish and very modern, Nokia N9 is designed to give fast access to the most important things people do with a phone: use apps, stay up to date with notifications and social networks and switch between activities through a simple gesture -- a swipe.

Nokia N9 boasts of carrying the latest smartphone technology including a polycarbonate body, which enables superior antenna performance for better reception; 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, wide-angle lens, HD-quality video capture and large lens aperture; free turn-by-turn drive and walk navigation with voice guidance in Maps; video play in true 16:9 widescreen format and surround sound experience; and the Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows users to easily share images, videos and music in between devices by touching them together.

So what are you waiting for?! Reserve your MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 with its 8 MegaPixel camera, easy-to-use interface, and curved glass display HERE.

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Nokia N9 Camera Sample Photos - 8 MegaPixel with Carl Zeiss Lens

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 01:41 AM PDT

Earlier today, I went out with the gorgeous Nokia N9 and took its 8 MegaPixel camera for a spin.

For camera geeks, Nokia N9's camera has the following specifications: 8 MegaPixel with Carl Zeiss lens, F2.2 aperture, 3.77mm / 28mm focal length, true 16:9 imaging, wide-angle lens, touch to focus, exposure lock, four times digital zoom, digital shutter, dual LED flash, and automatic motion blur reduction.

I'm more of a point and shoot kind of guy when it comes to taking photos so all of these nine shots were taken with just automatic settings (Again, I'm not a photographer - in the strictest sense of the word - so pardon the lack of artistry in the shots):

In true TechPinas fashion, I'm just letting the quality of these photos speak for itself.

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President Noynoy Aquino Youtube Live Interview with Filipinos Online LiveStreaming! A First in Asia!

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 09:57 PM PDT

For the first time in the whole of Asia, a nation leader will go on Youtube, the largest video sharing site in the world today, to answer questions live from the people he leads!

Watch His Excellency President Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III, President of the Philippines: The Undisputed Social Networking Capital of the World, face Pinoy netizens to address questions that matter to their lives.

Youtube World View Interview with President Noynoy Aquino starts at 1PM, November 4, 2011.

Never in the history of the Philippines has technology been this effective a tool in nation building. Let's make the most of this opportunity, TP Friends.

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Price Philippines Php 16,990 - It's Official! Release Date is Today!

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 09:28 PM PDT

TP Friends, I'm glad to let you know that the BlackBerry OS 7-powered BlackBerry Curve 9360 with suggested retail price of only Php 16,990 is now officially available in the Philippines through RIM's carriers and authorized retail channels! So if you will, let your fellow BB fans know by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

The youthful BlackBerry Curve series has proven to be quite popular with Filipinos who want to be socially connected. With BlackBerry 7 and the latest release of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) which extends the real-time BBM experience to a range of other apps, as well as a highly refined and integrated quite of phone, email, messaging, and social apps, BlackBerry Curve 9360 delivers the world's best mobile communications and social experiences.

The new BlackBerry Curve smartphone is slim, stylish and simply beautiful. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable and iconic keyboard for fast, accurate typing and an optical trackpad for easy, one-handed navigation. GPS and Wi-Fi support are also included, as well as a 5MP camera with flash and video recording so that memories can be captured and instantly shared on social networks. The microSD/SDHC slot supports up to 32 GB memory cards for additional media storage.

In addition to supporting the new BlackBerry 7 OS, the BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone features a range of powerful hardware enhancements including an upgraded processor and display, more memory, and built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications). NFC is a new technology that is enabling many exciting capabilities, including the ability to pair accessories or read SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone.

BlackBerry 7 introduces a next generation BlackBerry browser which combines the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine with the hardware enhancements in the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone to deliver a significantly faster, more fluid web browsing experience. Additional enhancements to this next generation BlackBerry browser have also enabled smoother navigation and optimized HTML5 performance for incredible gaming and video experiences.

"The new BlackBerry Curve 9360 is a stunning, easy-to-use smartphone that will appeal to Filipino customers who want to stay socially connected. The Curve family of smartphones has been very popular in the Philippines and we expect the new BlackBerry Curve 9360, with all of its major enhancements, to be well received by new customers as well as existing BlackBerry Curve users looking to upgrade," shares Hastings Singh, Vice President of South Asia at Research in Motion.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Price Philippines, Specs, Release Date

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 09:08 PM PDT

It's 100% Official: Samsung's dual core Android tablet-smartphone hybrid will finally land on Philippine shores by mid-November.

"Samsung Galaxy Note is a revolutionary product to open a new category in the mobile industry and I am very proud of this accomplishment," said Binggoy Mauricio, Business Unit Head of SEPCO Mobile Communications Business. "Samsung GALAXY Note will redefine and enhance mobile communication by offering a more advanced, productive and creative user experience with its new innovative features such as S Memo, S Planner and S Choice. I'm sure our customers will enjoy our new product and fully take advantage of GALAXY Note's many innovative features."

The Samsung Galaxy Note features the world's first and largest 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display. This is an expansive high-resolution smart screen that promises to provide an extremely vivid and best-in-class viewing experience while ensuring the portability that smartphones offer. The Galaxy Note's screen should be big enough to enjoy HD quality movies on the go and portable enough to slip right into the pocket.

Additionally, Samsung's advanced pen-input technology, called the S Pen, together with Galaxy Note's full touch screen, aims to introduce a redefined user experience. The digital S Pen can be used for accurate sketching and artwork, while enhanced handwriting recognition allows ideas to be captured and shared with other devices without the need to perform any additional digitization; handwritten text is accurately converted into digital characters.

Stunning Visual Experience

Galaxy Note's high-resolution display ensures that e-books, PowerPoint presentations, news apps and web-pages can be viewed comfortably with minimal scrolling or zooming. Minimizing the need to switch between applications, GALAXY Note's HD super AMOLED screen is large enough to allow meaningful split-screen operation and true multi-tasking; the most frequently used native apps can be operated side-by-side, reducing interruptions. Additionally, the 5.3" display is the largest ever included in a primary mobile device; measuring just 9.6mm thick, GALAXY Note fits comfortably in a pocket to offer true portability.

Power, Performance and a Superior User Experience

GALAXY Note's 1.4GHz dual-core processor ensures the device is incredibly fast and a smooth user interface ensures seamless usability. Lightning fast network speeds are enabled through the HSPA+ , ensuring a quick and seamless browsing experience. This means that users can stream videos in real-time or engage with their friends through online gaming platforms, facilitated through Samsung's Game Hub.

"The Samsung Galaxy Note was designed based on how consumers generate ideas. People usually take cues from their environment, formulate ideas and capture them through pictures, notes, designs and so on. And, now, with the Galaxy Note's S Pen input technology, 8mp camera, 1.4GHz dual core processor and HSPA+ internet speeds, these 'eureka' moments will always be easily captured and even shared from anywhere and at anytime" said Coco Domingo, Product Marketing Head for Mobile of SEPCO.

According to TP's very reliable source, Samsung Galaxy Note will be priced at around Php 35,000 - Php 40,000.

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