23 November, 2011



Lola Aurelia and Lolo Luis - The Three Things I Learned from Them

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 08:43 AM PST

After almost two days of pure drama on Facebook and Twitter with thousands upon thousands of Pinoy netizens wishing and praying that Lola Aurelia would soon find her missing husband, Lolo Luis, thankfully - the couple has finally reunited.

Lola Aurelia

Last Monday, Reddie Js - a street photographer - posted a black and white photo on FB of an old woman waiting on a sidewalk with a flyer of a missing person pinned at the back of her 'daster'.

It was Lola Aurelia sitting on a sidewalk at the corner of Buendia and Roxas Boulevard, looking for her husband - Lolo Luis, who'd been missing for almost two weeks already.

Perhaps because it represents something that all of humanity can associate with or even yearns for, it didn't take long for Reddie's photo to go viral on popular social networking sites. In fact, yesterday, because of the image, Lola Aurelia even achieved trending status on Twitter.

With a lot of Pinoy FB users and Tweeps talking about Lola Aurelia - expressing their concern and sending their prayers, mainstream media eventually took interest in her story and helped her look for her lost husband.

And within a few hours after primetime news programs from the biggest networks ran the story and with help from a few concerned citizens, Lola Aurelia and Lolo Luis - who somehow ended up in Quirino LRT station, found their way back into each others' arms.

Three Things

I think the story of Lola Aurelia and Lolo Luis teaches us three important things that we should always keep in mind:

1. As the song goes, love always, always finds a way. And because of that, there's always hope.

2. Together, Pinoys in social networking sites can help change people's lives for the better and make good things happen.

3. It's actually possible to trend on Twitter for all the right reasons.

Mabuhay kayo, Lola Aurelia and Lola Luis. Salamat sa pagpapaalala sa amin, sa panahong ito ng mga gadgets at ng internet, kung ano ang tunay na mahalaga.

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Philippines - In the Flesh Photos! Initial Impressions!

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 05:17 AM PST

It has made it to our TP Hideout.

TP Friends, this is how one of the most-anticipated BlackBerry handsets in the world looks like in the flesh:

The latest iteration to RIM's best-selling Curve line, BlackBerry Curve 9360 supersedes BlackBerry Curve 9300 as the most affordable new generation BB handset on the planet as of writing.

As I've earlier said on TP, BB Curve 9360 - made for young consumers - is ergonomically designed with an BlackBerry keyboard for fast and accurate typing and an optical trackpad for easy one-handed navigation. NFC, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support are also included, as well as a 5 MegaPixel camera with flash at the back and VGA video recording for capturing moments and sharing them instantly on Facebook or Twitter. Also, the phone flaunts a microSD card slot, which supports up to 32 GB for additional media storage.

OK. So just a few initial impressions on this cute handset:

1. BB Curve 9360 has exactly the same footprint as BlackBerry Curve 8520 - BB Curve 8520 has dimensions of 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm, while BB Curve 9360 only measures 109 x 60 x 11 mm - but the former just feels a lot more compact. I guess the almost 3 millimeters of difference in depth of the two phones really makes a lot of - well - difference.

2. Having used BlackBerry Bold 9900, I get the impression that BlackBerry 7 OS with its fast browser and smooth UI was actually made for touch navigation or is plain touch-optimized. That said, I found it a bit harder to navigate the OS' interface using only the optical trackpad of BB Curve 9360 vs. the touchscreen-trackpad combo on BB Bold 9900 (duh, of course). Then again, maybe I'm just terribly spoiled and more of a Bold kinda guy.

3. Unlike BB Curve 8520 and 9300, BB Curve 9360 doesn't have those music playback control buttons that I'm sure a lot of Curve fans have grown to love.

via TP's BlackBerry Curve 9300 Review entry

While the new BB is thinner and lighter and comes with a refreshed operating system, a slightly faster processor and borderline-luxurious metal accents, I have to admit that I'm missing those controls -- if a bit. Well, I guess something's always got to give.

Anyway. Stay tuned for our full review.

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LG Optimus Black Philippines - Get The World's Slimmest Android Phone with the Brightest Nova Display for Only Php 15,990 via Special Online Promo!

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 09:35 PM PST

I think there are two big benefits to having a phone as slim as the LG Optimus Black.

At 9.2-millimeters-thin, the LG Optimus Black is the one of the world's slimmest Android phones! You have to see it in the flesh to fully appreciate its design. I promise you, you'll be amazed at how slim it is.

First is the wow factor. Every time I take the LG Optimus Black out of my pocket in parties, my friends would always compliment me about how thin my phone is! It usually goes like this: One friend would grab it out of my hand and start passing it around. Some of my buds would tell me it's so slim while others would comment about how bright the screen is. Then they'd start navigating the user interface and end up playing Angry Birds. It's always like that. I tell you; the ulra-thin LG Optimus Black is a conversation piece in itself and when your friends start playing with its powerful operating system, it becomes a true entertainment device.

The second benefit is more practical. Everyone who's close to me knows that I don't like carrying a bag when I go out. I don't know. I've always been like that. I'm not a fan of carrying luggage with a lot of stuff inside when I'm out and about having fun (come to think of it, maybe that's the reason why I fell in love with gadgets in the first place; Gadgets can be a lot of things at the same time and one good gadget in the pocket can make up for a bagful of other stuff). So what I do, before stepping out of the house, is that I get all the things that I'm sure I'm going to need throughout the day - my perfume, wallet, smartphone, cards, mint - then stuff them all in my pockets. Now, you can imagine how bulky my pockets would be with all those things packed in. Well, it used to be like that a few years back. Now, with my slim LG Optimus Black, my pockets still have everything I need but they look slimmer. Oh, and for girls, I'm sure having LG Optimus Black would mean more space in their tote or handbag -- which is all good, right?

Thinking about getting the LG Optimus Black this Holiday Season? Well, you better act now! LG has an on-going Optimus Black Online Promo from October 24 - December 18, 2011, which lets you get the LG Optimus Black for only Php 15,990 instead of Php 17,990; That's a whopping Php 2,000 off the regular SRP. I mean, think about what you can do with the savings: You can buy more gifts for your siblings or inaanaks, you can add the money to your lechon funds for Noche Buena or if you want, you can use it to buy another LG entry-level phone! The possibilities are endless.

You can avail of the promo this week, November 21 to 30, 2011 or from December 2 – 8 and December 9 – 18. Just visit LGOptimus.PH and place your order. That's it. It's so simple.

So what are you waiting for? Check out LG Optimus Black now!

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MSI-ECS Great HP Laptop Sale Promo - Get Gadgets At Up to 80% Off! Including Belkin iPod and iPad Accessories, Acer Projectors, Among Others!

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 09:03 PM PST

The Yuletide Season is fast approaching. And now is the perfect time to buy your Christmas gifts to avoid the holiday rush.

If you're on the market for laptops and other computer accessories, MSI-ECS is once again holding a warehouse sale on November 28 to December 2, 2011, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm, at the MSI-ECS Bldg., # 3 Economia St. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. With items up to 80% off, you'll never run out of good bargains.

Although discounted laptops are limited to the HP brand, there are other participating brands for accessories and other gadgets including Acer projectors, Microsoft hardware, Genius peripherals, Imation storage, Belkin iPod/iPad accessories.

Be sure to come to the warehouse sale early as there are thousands of excited buyers like you looking to grab the best deals.

Check out the pricelist now and see our year-ender savers via this link.

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