14 February, 2012

GeekAlerts: “Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces” plus 14 more

GeekAlerts: “Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces” plus 14 more

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Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces

Posted: 14 Feb 2012 02:46 AM PST

Remember those Zombie Brains Friendship Necklaces from a few weeks ago? Another way for fans of the undead to show they are best friends is with these Zombie Brain Besties Heart Necklaces. These pendants feature a very cool heart design with a brain wrinkle motif made of enamel painted metal. The “brain heart” pendant is [...]

Turbine LCD Watch

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 11:39 PM PST

There are a ton of watches with extremely cool designs, but I doubt you’ll find one that resembles the Turbine LCD watch. It’s not really hard to figure out where the concept or inspiration for the watch was derived: turbines, of course. The watch doesn’t really have a turbine that’s perpetually turning though. Instead, it’s [...]

Smartphone iQuilt

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 09:28 PM PST

Through the iPhone you can order pizza, check your bank account, order movie tickets, talk to all your friends at once, make dinner reservations, renew your library books, and that’s just scratching the surface. It can do just about everything, but it won’t wrap you in warmth and softness. For that you need the Smartphone iQuilt. [...]

TheO Smart Exercise Ball

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:51 PM PST

One complaint I have about the iPod or iPhone is that the games aren’t really engaging. I don’t mean in the virtual sense, because they’re definitely more than engaging there. There are a lot of accessories that try to change this fact, however, like the iCade Core Arcade Styled Gaming Controller. But they’re all still [...]

Kusa Grass Flip Flops

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 05:30 PM PST

When I think of summer, I think of freshly-mowed lawns, cold drinks by the pool, and imagine the glorious sight to behold in the skies with every sunset. I think it’s obvious that summer is my favorite season of the year. So why not get your feet onto the grass a whole lot sooner than [...]

Buttered Up Butter Dish

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 03:30 PM PST

How many toast-inspired objects have you seen out there? The GeekAlerts staff definitely knows a thing or two about getting toasted. For starters, we’ve given you a glimpse of Toasted Notes, a Toast Air Freshener, a Toast Wallet, USB Toast Hand Warmer, Mr. Toast Plush, Toast Playing Cards, and Toast-It Drink Coasters. How come toast is making such a big [...]

8-bit Legacy NES Advantage Joystick Desktop Lamp

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:00 PM PST

Do you remember the good old days when you had to warm up your fingers to get them ready for classic NES games like Track & Field and shooting games like Konami’s Gradius? It was always tough to keep those fingers tapping away at the buttons, and then came the Turbo Paddles. Controllers like the [...]

Shutter Huggers

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:34 PM PST

It’s hard to get kids to pay attention to you, especially if you want to snap their photo. Over the years, parents have resorted to clapping, making odd noises, calling their names, and making funny faces just to get them to look at the photographer. That’s sort of what you’ll be able to do with Shutter [...]

Twitter Mascot Ollie the Bird Mini-Figure

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:24 PM PST

Twitter fans will want to tweet to their tweeps about this Twitter Mascot Ollie the Bird Mini-Figure. This cute This cute twitter mascot stands about 4 inches tall and even comes in a birdhouse of sorts: a displayable window box. He can keep you company on your desk while you are tweeting the night away. [...]

Battlestar Galactica Evolution of the Cylon Poster

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 12:11 PM PST

I love Battlestar Galactica. Especially the recent series.  And the Cylons are some of the coolest robots ever. If you are a fan like me, check out this Battlestar Galactica Evolution of the Cylon Poster. It shows the complete evolution of the Cylons from kitchen appliance all the way up to Caprica Six, the sexy [...]

Gas Pump Gumball Machine

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 12:03 PM PST

There aren’t that many old fashioned gas pumps still up and running now that we all pump and go with our chip-embedded credit and debit cards or with PayPass. But you’ve gotta admit that the old ones have this nostalgic charm about them. It makes you think of days when you could fill up your tank for [...]

Red Cloak Cat Toy Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 12:02 PM PST

Protective cases for your iPhone are nothing new and they seem to do a good job of protecting your phone, but this one may be overkill. Very cute overkill though. This Red Cloak Cat Toy Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S will protect your phone and give you a plush toy in one. This [...]

UFO Cookie Jar

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:34 AM PST

Cookies are out of this world. I love cookies. For out of this world cookies, you will want to store them in an out of this world cookie jar like the UFO Cookie Jar. If you steal cookies from this, you might get abducted, so your cookies should be safe from the hands of others. [...]

Angry Birds Red Bird Neck Rest Pillow

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:24 AM PST

I’m beginning to think that Angry Birds might have almost as much merchandise as Star Wars. If you still need more Angry Birds in your life, you might want to rest your head on this Angry Birds Red Bird Neck Rest Pillow. It might look a bit like a life-saving inflatable device, but it is [...]

DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 07:09 AM PST

  The iPad may be a tablet computer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have all of the same peripherals as your PC. The DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad is a handy scanner to use with Apple’s tablet, yet again making this tablet a powerful tool. This sleek portable scanner for documents, photos and more is [...]