20 February, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Fisher Price DVR – More TV for your Kids!

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 10:11 AM PST

It happened again yesterday, what could have been a pleasant dinner at our favorite restaurant ended up being a whine festival, and not the good kind of wine either. It just wasn’t my daughters day, and sitting still while grown-ups chatted and lingered over coffee wasn’t her idea of a good time. Now I certainly don’t advocate TV over good parenting, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, know what I mean?

Fisher Price is hoping that you do, because on the off chance that your little darlings aren’t spending enough time glued to your television, they have developed a new gadget, aimed squarely at your poor little technology deprived kiddos. Meet the Kid Tough Portable DVR a “cool, kid-friendly handheld device.”  Parents simply attach the Kid Tough portable DVR to its included base unit and then, to the TV and set top box, and you can easily record your kid’s favorite shows.

The Kid Tough DVR also has a 3.5 inch touchscreen and pretty simple, kid-friendly controls. The device contains a rechargeable battery that provides between 4 and 6 hours of play time (it charges right on the base station) and the on board memory holds about 2 hours of TV time, with a much appreciated Micro SD slot for added storage (and extra long dinners) . 

It seems like the unit will carry around about a 150 dollar price tag, and have 2 colors to choose from, blue or pink. Of course the downside is that you’ll be waiting till late spring or early summer before you’ll be able to get one in your kids hot little hands… but oh how I can picture my next relaxing meal! or waiting at the doctors office, or shopping, and I actually get to use MY own iPad. Genius.


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Need Brain Cells? Just Grow More!

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 08:06 AM PST

I love technology, In fact you could say its what I live for, or lose sleep over. I spend a tremendous amount of time searching for all kinds of stuff that has what I like to call “cool factor” and while I’ve come across some pretty amazing things, seldom am I as impressed, as when I read about medical advances. After learning about some of the developments in medical tech, I feel like I’m reading a sci fi novel and I love it.

British scientists have discovered a way to grow brain tissue by reprogramming human skin, previously this kind of “manufacture” was possible only by means of embryonic cells, which carried with it moral and ethical concerns and subsequently slowed the availability of both the necessary cells, and appropriate funding for further study. The ability to grow this tissue from skin, has so many wonderful implications, like recreating brain disease for further study, drug testing, treatments for Alzheimers, stroke, epilepsy or Parkinsons? I can dream can’t I?

Imagine the ability of scientists to actually watch the development of a disease, and follow treatments designed to stop the diseases progression. Ultimately they may be able to watch brain development and study the processes that cause things to go awry. Autism? Learning disabilites? Will it one day be possible to repair damaged areas of the brain? It is discoveries like this, that make me wish that I could only live long enough to see just what we humans will accomplish someday.

See? Amazing right? My Grandma had Parkinsons disease. I knew what it was like, and I hope this fantastic development can eventually help millions of people fighting with MS or neuro-degenerative diseases or recovering from a stroke, or head injury. This would truly have some wicked “cool factor” am I right? and if they have any leftovers, I have plenty of room up there….


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Deep Or Light Pressure Neck Massager

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 06:30 AM PST

I am quite sure that all of us who work can identify with the feeling of a sprained neck – it hurts to kingdom come, and there is nothing quite like a soothing massage that will help ease those aches and pains away, especially after a particularly long and difficult day at the office. Well, instead of getting your equally tired partner to massage your neck and back, and neither do you want to go to a seedy massage joint, here is the $99.95 Deep Or Light Pressure Neck Massager which might just get the job done on your behalf.

This particular neck massager will deliver penetrating, deep tissue or soothing, light pressure massage, depending on what you want/need at the moment. It is very different from typical neck massagers that deliver just vibration, as this particular model relies on rollers which will rotate in two directions in order to simulate the kneading of the human hand, delivering focused, deep pressure which releases trigger points around the cervical vertebrae or for gentle pressure similar to Swedish massage. Since it will plug comfortably into AC or a car’s DC power, you can get it working whether on your commute or at home.

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Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 06:00 AM PST

Do you live, breathe and eat all things deejay? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative and want something to keep yourself occupied during your spare time, you might want to look into the £1,999.99 Kontrol Surface DJ MIDI Controller. I know, it can be rather pricey, especially in these uncertain economic times where austerity measures are being mulled over by many governments across the globe to the disdain of their constituencies. Still, this unique MIDI controller is one special way to stand out from the rest of the crowd, especially when you want to lay the smack down with your brand of sound.

I need not tell you that this was specially designed to wow the crowd even before a single button has been pressed, and not a beep of sound has emanated from it. It boasts of a multitouch control surface that will function like your everyday mixing desk. The 22″ touchscreen display will certainly come into its own when all the lights have been turned down. It even comes with an Emulator Modular software that allows you to move buttons, sliders, circular knobs and jog wheels.

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British plug gets a makeover

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 05:30 AM PST

Everyone knows the British plug – and chances are, it sees plenty of action outside of the British islands as well, considering how at one point in time, the sun never set on the British Empire, hence seeing the British power plug in action across other countries. You know the saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Having said that, the British plug has remained unchanged in terms of design after the Second World War, which is more than six decades – and counting. I guess no one really found any real reason to change it, but perhaps things might not be the same any more down the road.

After all, that (normally) white chunk of plastic that is a permanent fixture in millions of homes has certainly put on some weight – relatively speaking, of course, compared to the notebooks, smartphones, TVs and tablets that we have come to know and love. Min-Kyu Choi, a designer who hails from South Korea and was trained at London's Royal College of Art, has managed to come up with the first folding plug in the world.

This smaller version of the standard 4.5cm plug measures a mere 1cm, and will not compromise on safety in any way, complying to the UK's stringent regulations. This particular prototype of his has already picked up a fair bunch of design awards (somewhat akin to Adele and her Grammys, I suppose) when it was originally unveiled back in 2009. In fact, sculptor Antony Gormley has declared it to be "intelligent, elegant and inventive” in terms of design. At long last, it will hit the production lines, and we might soon see a change in how homes carry their plugs.

As usual, if you want to get something done, then do it yourself – and that is what Choi set out to do, saying, "I was frustrated by the dimensions of the traditional plug, and felt that the existing unit, which dates back to 1947, was out of touch and incongruous with modern design. My idea was very simple – redesign the plug to bring it in line with the clean look and feel of today's technology; without compromising functionality."

This folding plug will be known as The Mu, where you can pick it up from themu.co.uk and from London's Design Museum at £25 a pop. Sounds pretty expensive, but then again, good taste had always come at a price.


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LG Optimus Vu arrives at MWC 2012

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 05:00 AM PST

Just where do you think the line should be drawn when it comes to a small tablet as opposed to a smartphone with a really large display size? Well, Samsung broke new boundaries with their Samsung Galaxy Note, offering 5.3" of viewing goodness to the masses, and I do not suppose that LG intends to hit back with a model of their own in reply – calling it the LG Optimus Vu, although the screen size is not as generous as the Galaxy Note's at just 5". Still, 5" is plenty large for a smartphone, considering how many models in the market these days come with 4.3" of viewing real estate.

The LG Optimus Vu was developed with productivity on the go in mind, which is why the screen size has been increased to 5". Sporting LTE connectivity for super fast Internet connection wherever you are (as long as there is a decent connection, of course, otherwise it would drop one tier to 3G) alongside IPS display technology, the Optimus Vu is a performer to be reckoned with – especially when you consider its 1.5GHz dual-core processor, aided by 32GB of internal memory as well as a rather beefy 2,080 mAh battery that ought to get the job done – considering bulk of the battery's life would go into keeping the display working.

The large 5" display will come with a 4:3 aspect ratio that intends to make viewing documents, books, internet and multimedia contents a whole lot easier – not to mention far more comfortable. Specially optimized for viewing to grasp more at a single glance, not to mention making note taking a snap in order to increase productivity in everyday life, I foresee a lot of digital doodles being drawn on this as well.

The LG Optimus Vu also comes with a special built-in QuickClip hotkey that enables users to be able to capture screenshots and memos with but a single push. With their own Rubberdium pen, you can jot down notes in a jiffy, or also use your finger if you cannot be bothered with something as formal as a writing instrument. Other productivity apps were also thrown into the mix for the Optimus Vu:, including Polaris Office. No idea on pricing or availability yet as at press time.

Press Release

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