29 February, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Where did you wear it?- Technology Between the Sheets

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 10:17 AM PST

Okay, so theses funky little Qr codes are showing up everywhere these day, so should it really come as a surprise that there are some printed on condom wrappers? Probably not, but what may come as a bit of a shock is why they are there… no, they don’t take you to a tutorial on how to use them, or a website touting the efficacy of using condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, all valid ideas. Nope, these QR codes let you track where you did it… and how it was.

Welcome to www.wheredidyouwearit.com, allowing people everywhere to track the location of their latest encounter and rate the experience as well. Think of it as Foursquare and Wheres Waldo combined. Of course at this point we know very well where Waldo is, now don’t we?

Anyway, the point of the codes and accompanying website is to send a message of safe sex awareness using folks who are already comfortable with both social media and their sexuality. Everyone should know that lots of people are having safe sex and are darn proud of it. That’s the plan anyway, and of course they hope people start talking about it, and that they have accomplished… so let’s go everybody…lets get sex out of the bedroom and onto the computer where it belongs! Wait. Again, I really have nowhere to go with this.

So in checking the website stats, at this writing ”check-ins” have come in from 48 out of 50 states, and from six continents, isn’t that special? Not surprising that condom manufactures have expressed a keen interest in adding the codes to their products. So if you too have safe sex and are proud, log on and let us know. Me? I’m gonna read a book.

source: digitaltrends.com

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indoona – Free Internet calling, but Not Skype

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:11 AM PST

I like Skype, I really do, but for some reason it seems every time I go to use it I have some small problem with it. Recently I was trying to call my mom (I really needed to call my mom) and it would ring once and then end the call before anyone picked up. Now I tried to explain that to my mother… but I’m not sure she was buying it. So now I find out about a new free calling service, one that seems a bit more user friendly, and a bit more integrated with today’s Smartphone usage.

Welcome indoona, a new free calling service that lets you message, video chat and voice call other indoona users all over the world, all for free, using your wifi or 3g connections. indoona actually imports your phone book and even automatically lets you know which people on your list are online and able to participate in free calling all in real time.

Simply download the application from the app store and register by entering your mobile phone number. Shortly thereafter you will receive a special code in an instant message and after entering it, you’re ready to go. indoona even allows you to send messages to your contact list via Facebook and Twitter, inviting them to join indoona with you.

The application itself is free for iPhone (Ipod Touch, Ipad 2), Android, PC and Mac, and with premium services indoona will allow you to call the landlines and mobile phones of non-indoona users at very low rates or you can subscribe to a “follow you anywhere” indoona phone number. Just check out indoona.com for more information.


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Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 05:30 AM PST

The kitchen is the place to be if you are one who loves whipping up dishes for the entire family, and more often than not, the perfect kitchen is one that is practical and not only looks good. After all, there is a place for everything, including leaving the dishes out to dry. The $27.49 Lawn Countertop Drying Rack is not only functional, but it will also throw back fun into the kitchen, boasting flexible grass blades that are ideal to ensure your glasses, cups, utensils and other kitchen accessories will remain in place to dry out. Whatever excess water will be collected at the bottom of the tray, where the evaporation process will continue the drying process after that. Coming in a two-piece, easy-to-clean design, not only is it low profile, it would also spruce up any kitchen.

You won’t be able to practice your putt on this though, and best of all is, the Lawn Countertop Drying Rack is BPA, PVC & phthalate free. That ought to put the minds of homeminders to rest, especially in this health conscious age.

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Professional Football Table

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 05:00 AM PST

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and when you think about the days when you were a kid, a single chair can be turned into a race car, a tank, or even an aeroplane. That treehouse in your backyard? That was the spawning point for hundreds of scenarios throughout the years. How about the standard square desk? We could even turn it into an impromptu football table where flickabouts of great games occur, but here is the real deal now that you have grown up and are paying your own rent – the £1,100 Professional Football Table.

Handmade in the UK (and perhaps, explaining its price), this is an engineered laser cut table which would definitely be the ideal centrepiece in any office, sports club or football fan's home. You are able to choose your team colors (Red and Black, Yellow and Green, and Claret and Blue), but forget about kits from teams like Arsenal and Liverpool. I don’t suppose an office betting pool or mini league would be set up with this?

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Sony Tablet P to hit AT&T

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 04:30 AM PST

AT&T has just announced another tablet that will join their product line up, and the honor falls to the Sony Tablet P this time around. The Sony Tablet P is a dual screen, multi-functional tablet which is perfect for mobile communication and entertainment (Sony says so anyways), and it will hit the market from March 4th onwards. This is a 4G capable tablet, so you can expect amazingly fast connection speeds whenever you are under the right network connection. The asking price for the Sony Tablet P? It will retail for $399.99 a pop, where it will be accompanied by a two-year service agreement.

One thing is for sure – the new Sony Tablet P is definitely a looker. Sporting an unprecedented dual-screen layout (anyone else think that this is the natural progression of the Nintendo DS?), the Sony Tablet P sports a couple of 5.5″ that can be used for different functions, including playing a game on one display while the other functions as a controller, or perhaps checking email on one with the other functioning as a keyboard.

Two screens do mean less battery life though, so you might want to make sure you have your charger with you wherever you go as you can never quite tell just when the tablet will run out of juice. Since it comes in a special folding design, the Tablet P ought to be able to fit into a pocket or purse easily. As for the system specifications, you will not find any Ice Cream Sandwich here as the Tablet P remains under control of Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and we have no word on whether Ice Cream Sandwich is in the works or not.

Just in case there is no 4G connection at that point in time, you can always rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Of course, having such a connected device would amount to nothing if it does not have a data plan to go alongside, and AT&T has a bunch of different plans for you to choose from, where 3GB and 5GB plans will cost $35 and $50, respectively.

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Verizon announces Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Posted: 29 Feb 2012 04:00 AM PST

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 was announced to the world earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas last month, and while everyone else was waiting for a release date to be announced, along comes Verizon Wireless who are more than happy to say that the highly anticipated tablet will be hitting their stores from tomorrow onwards – virtual or otherwise. Yes sir, you now have another tablet to consider if you have yet to jump aboard the tablet bandwagon. Just what kind of niche does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 occupy?

We do know that most tablets these days come in a rather large 10.1″ or 9.7″ display size, while the initial run of tablets came in a 7″ size for a fair number of manufacturers. I guess along the way, bigger became better, but there is also a realization that size is not everything, which is most probably why Samsung has come up with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 instead.

Sporting a 7.7″ Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display at 1,280 x 800 resolution, your eyes would be treated to handsome looking colors and resolution, and thanks to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, you should not find it a n issue to access the Internet wherever you are – at blazing speeds, too. When you merge a fast connection with a speedy 1.4GHz dual-core processor, chances are waiting would be a thing of the past. The inclusion of an HTML 5 Web browser also helps the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7′s cause in terms of performance and speed.

Powered by the Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system, it will support Google Mobile Services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk with video chat, Google Search, Google Maps, and opens up a whole new world to Google Books, movie rentals and over 400,000 apps on the Android Market. At the back lies a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, full 720p recording and 1080p playback, while in front lies a 2-megapixel camera for video chat (and for the vain, an impromptu mirror to see if anything remains stuck between your teeth). 16GB of internal memory can be augmented with a microSD memory card.

The sticker price set by Verizon for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 stands at $499.99 with a new 2-year customer agreement. Best to get a data plan with it though, as not all places have a free Wi-Fi connection.

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