18 February, 2012



Temple Run for Android Phones and Tablets : In the Works! Coming Soon!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 06:11 AM PST

One of the best and most famous games for the iOS platform, Temple Run, will make its way to Android OS pretty soon!

temple run for android

Quoting Washington D.C. based Imangi Studios, LLC - maker of Temple Run,

Quick update on Temple Run for Android, because we are getting lots of questions. We are working as hard as we can, but we still don't have an exact release date yet. It's our first release on Android and we want to make sure we get everything right. [source]

For the rather uncool ones who aren't even familiar with the game, Temple Run centers around Guy Dangerous and other explorers who entered an ancient temple to steal an idol not knowing that the place is filled with man-eating demonic monkeys that will pursue them, thus starting the "run."

There is no finish line; the object of the game is to run as far as possible by avoiding obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards), or turn (slide finger to the right or left) in a precise manner. While all of this is happening, the player will be pursued by the "demonic monkeys". While playing, the player is required to tilt their device either to the left or the right to collect coins. These coins are primarily in the shape of a yellow diamond but according to their point value, they can also be a red diamond or a blue diamond, which is interpreted as a 2-point coin or a 3-point coin, respectively. [source]

Aside from disclosing their plan to release an Android version of Temple Run soon, Imangi also warned Android users of "scam apps" in Android Market using the name of their famous game,

[...] [A]nything on Android claiming to be Temple Run is a SCAM. When the real Temple Run is out, you guys will be the first to know!

Do you also play Temple Run, TP Friends? What's the highest score you got?

Globe Immortal Text Promo Comes Back to Life! Registration Made Easier!

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 03:30 AM PST

Perhaps heeding rather insistent public demand, Globe Telecom officially brought back subscriber-favorite Immortal TXT promo last week!

globe immortal text

As you all know, what's hot about this promo is that - as it very name suggests - it does not have an expiry. This means that you actually get service for every peso you spend and that no money will be lost due to validity constraints. Pennypinchers can also make the most of the promo by accumulating immortal texts and call minutes*.

Currently, Globe has two Immortal variants:

There's IMMORTAL TXT which gives 25 texts to Globe/TM plus 5 texts to other networks for only 15 Pesos.

Then, there's IMMORTAL TRIO with 50 texts to Globe/TM plus 5 texts to other networks and 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM for just 25 Pesos.

Another cool thing is that Globe has made registration to these promos a lot easier; No more having to text promo codes. All you have to do is to call *143# free of charge, wait for the menu to appear on your phone's screen then choose the Immortal promo variant you want to enjoy. Of course, you have to make sure you have enough load plus the needed maintaining balance to register to it.

*Users can only accumulate up to 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes at any given time. 5 Pesos maintaining balance is required to use expiry-free allocations from Immortal TXT or Immortal Trio.