09 March, 2012

GeekAlerts: “AK-47 Assault Rifle USB Flash Drive” plus 15 more

GeekAlerts: “AK-47 Assault Rifle USB Flash Drive” plus 15 more

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AK-47 Assault Rifle USB Flash Drive

Posted: 09 Mar 2012 03:06 AM PST

Build up your arsenal of thumb drive weapons with this AK-47 Assault Rifle USB Flash Drive. It is a great companion to the Police Revolver Flash Drive or the Bling Pistol Flash Drive. It can’t actually blast anything to smithereens, but it can store 2GB to 16GB of data depending on the model. Features a [...]

Kitchen Mixer Timer

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 11:38 PM PST

What better timer to use when you’re whipping up some sweet treats in your kitchen than with the Kitchen Mixer Timer? It’s basically a miniature version of a mixer that you’ve probably got on your kitchen table or in one of your cupboards. Just turn the bowl around on the Kitchen Mixer Timer to the [...]

Twin Headphones

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 09:29 PM PST

There's just something about experiencing music on a more personal level if you're listening to it with headphones on. Some people are all for sharing the music they find enjoyable, but it's kind of hard and uncomfortable to pass one earphone bud to your mate. A neat solution is in the form of these Twin [...]

Brick Calculator

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:32 PM PST

Crunching numbers need not be boring, especially if you’ve got the Brick Calculator around. Most people already know what LEGO building blocks are. Just imagine a gigantic piece of LEGO that’s been equipped with a calculator, and that’s basically what you have here in your hands. The Brick Calculator comes in five awesomely vibrant colors: [...]

Hardware Chess Set

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 05:33 PM PST

Here’s the perfect chess set that DIYers will especially enjoy. The Hardware Chess Set features chess pieces formed from nuts and bolts. It might be a little hard to distinguish which piece is the queen, rook, knight, or bishop, but you’ll probably get the hang of it after a while. The Hardware Chess Set includes [...]

World of Warcraft Alliance Women’s Premium Hoodie

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 03:30 PM PST

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed browsing World of Warcraft merchandise on the pages of GeekAlerts. The WoW Cell Phone Charms, Stoneware Stein and Warchief Thralls Doorhammer are some of our faves. Now get ready to see some awesome clothing made just for Warcraft fans. First off the runway is an item that looks as cozy warm as it is super [...]

Simpsons Limited Edition 500th Episode Skateboard Deck

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 02:37 PM PST

A couple weeks ago The Simpsons 500th episode aired. Now Fox Shop has some exclusive 500th episode merchandise available, including this Simpsons Limited Edition 500th Episode Bart Slasher Skateboard Deck. It doesn’t just look cool, this is a quality 7-ply maple skateboard deck made by Santa Cruz Skateboards. Hurry, there are only 500 of these [...]

Bonsai Specimen Gardens

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 01:33 PM PST

You might be strapped for space, but don’t let that hinder you from nurturing your green thumb. If you fancy starting up your own miniature garden, then the Bonsai Specimen Gardens are what you need. They come in three bonsai varieties: the Gardenia, Grey Elm, and Japanese Black Pine. As you might probably already know, bonsai [...]

Game of Thrones Starks of Winterfell Crocheted Dolls

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 11:51 AM PST

Season 2 is coming, so get in the spirit with this Game of Thrones Starks of Winterfell Crocheted Doll Set. This handmade set of Game of Thrones dolls includes 8 people and 3 direwolf puppies including Lord Eddard, Lady Catelyn, Jon Snow, two grey direwolf puppies, and one white direwolf puppy. It also includes many [...]

Colored Flames Candles

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 11:21 AM PST

Birthdays are the best. The promise of cake is always a biggie, but celebrating someone’s entire life and watching them blow out their candles to make a wish ranks pretty high up there, too. Since birthdays only come once a year, why not go all out and top the cake with a ring of Colored Flames Candles? The beauty of [...]

Ghostbusters Talking Plush Slimer

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 10:18 AM PST

It seems like they will never make a third Ghostbusters movie and naturally this makes all of us sad. Maybe a Ghostbusters Talking Plush Slimer will make you feel better. It can’t hurt. As a special bonus, he won’t even drench you in nasty slime. This 9" medium Slimer plush is super cuddly and huggable. [...]

Einstein Mimobot Flash Drive

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 10:08 AM PST

Flash Drives should be smart if they are going to hold your important pictures and documents. Well, they don’t come any smarter than Einstein. This Einstein Mimobot Flash Drive will hold all of your important files and look smart while doing it. This unique storage option features 2GB of storage, is USB 2.0 compatible, and [...]

Super Mario Series 3 Shy Guy Plush

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 10:00 AM PST

The Shy Guys are one of the cooler characters from the Super Mario games. Too bad we don’t see more of them in those games. If you aren’t shy about your love of this guy, check out this Super Mario Series 3 Shy Guy Plush. This plush Shy Guy is nicely detailed. He has the [...]

Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 08:37 AM PST

If you love retro gaming then you will remember Manic Miner. Anyone over 30 should know it. The Manic Miner Heat Changing Mug can let you relive the game while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Just add hot water to this awesome mug and a classic scene from Manic Miner will appear before your [...]

Doctor Who TARDIS Christmas Ornament

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:51 AM PST

It’s never too early to buy an awesome geeky ornament for your Christmas tree. This Doctor Who TARDIS Christmas Ornament will be the focal point of your tree this year. You better get this one now since it is sure to be a hot seller. Each ornament is hand-crafted glass styled like mouth blown glass. [...]

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

Posted: 08 Mar 2012 07:13 AM PST

She’s the fastest ship in the galaxy. She’ll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts and she can even open your favorite bottled drink. The Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener is for popping open that brew that you smuggled past the Imperial blockade. [...]