05 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Ice Balls by Prepara – Make Drink time Fun

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 10:02 AM PST

 Okay, so who are we kidding? Happy hour was pretty fun already. I have to admit that at every party I like to include at least one signature cocktail, something new, fresh and different. For me, presentation is almost as important as the actual product so we have our fair share of ice trays and colored sugars, fancy glasses and Absinthe spoons… but this next little gizmo has some real potential to add “wow factor” to your drinks.

Check out the Ice Balls, (don’t think I didn’t hear you chuckle)I remember hearing about some uber expensive ice maker that made these beautiful spherical hunks of ice that supposedly melted much more slowly and therefore chilled better, and diluted your libations less and all that’s probably true of spherical ice, but don’t they just look appealing? Not to mention that since they are frozen in closed little BPA free containers, your ice wont taste like … well, that brown thing you have wedged in your freezer door. Fresh ice…yum.

So you can freeze these little guys (about 2 inches across) plain and use them in pitchers, punch bowls, regular glasses or anywhere you would use regular ice, and you can get extra creative and add berries, mint leaves, lemon juice (or thin slices) or even bits of basil to your “balls” and make them extra exciting. I plan to make up several batches and store them in freezer bags for unexpected company or parties.

These ingenious top rack dishwasher safe (and stackable) Ice Balls come as a pack of four, making 2 inch spheres of frozen pleasure, all for around 9 bucks. Cheers! Find them at amazon.com


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USB Outlet Quattro-”the Gadget Plug”

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 08:21 AM PST

You know, I have USB charging things all over my house. As you can imagine I have a bunch of gadgets and they all come with their own little box that you plug the USB into, before you plug it into the wall outlet. I have a million of them. They are bulky, some have the little folding prongs, you need to make sure you have it with you all the time or you cant charge anything, literally just one of those everyday annoyances.

Well, here’s something you may not have seen before (at least I haven’t) and as I gaze upon it lovingly, I wonder to myself, where have you been all my life? Meet the Outlet Quattro, designed just for your ever popular USB charged gadgets and gizmos. Gone are the days where you will require those little detached black or white boxes, “high tech” your house and get these babies built right in.

Designed to fit right where your old and boring regular outlet used to be, sure, you wont have a place to plug in your vacuum, but are you really worried about vacuuming? The Quattro delivers 22 watts of  output power, can charge up to 4 of your devices at the same darn time, draws non of that pesky standby power and exceeds 5 star energy standards. We don’t need no stinking vacuums!

Anyway, probably best to get an electrician involved, although it may be quite simple to install for anyone with a smidgen of electrical knowledge, personally I see myself holding the screwdriver right before I am zapped unconscious, and falling to the ground covered in soot, with my hair on fire… and if you’re really worried about the vacuum, there’s a regular dual outlet with 2 USB ports alongside. See? Who’s got you covered?

Available from currentwerks.com for under 40 bucks.

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iPound Stylus

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 05:30 AM PST

Folks might think that you might have lost a screw or two when they see you dabbling around with the $9.99 iPound Stylus all over your iPad 2′s display. After all, who the heck in their right mind would actually use a nail as a stylus, especially on something as expensive as an iPad? Glad to know that the iPound Stylus is slightly different from the rest, as it just resembles a nail, but actually, it doubles up as a stylus. You will not be able to hammer this into the wall and hang a picture with it though, as it probably isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of a picture frame, let alone withstand the blow of a hammer. Time to be a troll not only at the workplace, but in the public as well. You might as well carry some marbles around and tell people you’ve lost a couple of them…

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Dead On Annihilator Superhammer

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 05:00 AM PST

Who would have thought that such a simple comic book character like Superman is capable of being so long lasting, even with such a simple naming convention? I guess when you apply the superlative “super” to an object, it automatically gets elevated to unprecedented levels of greatness. With the $39.99 Dead On Annihilator Superhammer however, you would do well to keep this in the shopping shortlist for the upcoming Father’s Day or as a birthday present for the man in your life. Not only is it useful to function as a hammer, it also pulls, pries, bashes, smashes, and can open bottles to boot!

For folks who have long been preparing for a zombie apocalypse, then the Dead On Annihilator Superhammer also proves to be useful – although it has yet to be tried and tested simply because there are no zombies hanging around at the moment. There is a spike that is mounted at the bottom, allowing it to pierce the skull of a walker like a spork through pudding. As for its claw, it is enough to lodge in a fetid rotting eye-socket, although some maniacs might actually use this as their murder weapon of choice. I shudder at the thought…

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PlanOn SlimScan portable color scanner

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 04:30 AM PST

Computer peripherals range from the ordinary, boring, to extremely interesting. The question is this – just how the heck do you make an everyday peripheral like a scanner interesting? The answer would be to miniaturize it – after all, just about everyone loves a mini version of something that is out there, and I am quite sure that a scanner is no different. PlanOn ha just introduced their SlimScan, touting it to be the world’s first credit card-sized receipt scanner. Since it is so tiny, it ought to be able to fit right there and then into your wallet, making short work of all the receipts that you will accumulate.

Of course, a black and white scanner should be adequate for most folks, but PlanOn decided to take it one step further with their SlimScan, where it will be able to do receipts in full color as well. It does not matter whether you want to capture receipts, business cards, handwritten notes, small photos, articles and other printed materials, it can be done with the SlimScan anywhere, any time.

Coming in a classy and durable stainless steel case, the SlimScan will feature a convenient preview screen which allows you to instantly view, zoom-in and pan scanned images wherever you are. I guess placing this in my wallet and stuffing it down the back pocket of my tight jeans is not going to be the best way to treat the SlimScan. All captured images can be uploaded to a Windows computer quickly after being plugged in.

I myself and having trouble trying to keep track of my expenses by writing down where every single cent has gone to, and a receipt scanner sure as heck sounds like it would be able to get the job done in an easy and convenient manner. You are able to create folders to organize receipts by business trip, client, travel date, location, week, or month, while reports can be churned out in an easier than ever before manner. A Receipt Management System (RMS) software is also thrown into the mix, where one is able to import business cards into Outlook, Word, Excel, and other databases.

You will need to fork out $139.99 for the PlanOn SlimScan though.

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Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 04:00 AM PST

Withings has finally rolled out their Smart Baby Monitor, where it will merge world-class technology alongside sophisticated design in order for parents to be able to monitor, interact and communicate with their precious bundle of joy regardless of where they are in the world at the moment. Granted, the Smart Baby Monitor from Withings, the France-based company, is not exactly the most sought after item on the consumer electronics market, but that does not mean it is not essential to any modern household.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will come with a pre-loaded application affectionately known as WithBaby, and will function as a modern take on traditional baby monitors, while offering parents the advanced technology in the monitoring and interaction with their newborn.

Just how did the Smart Baby Monitor come about? Well, every story has a beginning, and the Withings Smart Baby Monitor was developed with both technology and design in mind. Not only does the Smart Baby Monitor look pleasing to the eye, it also delivers important information on their child's environment and allows them to interact with their child – no matter where they are. The Smart Baby Monitor is capable of detecting sound, movement, temperature and humidity levels, letting parents know what kind of “move” to make next, in addition to interacting with their baby by speaking through the phone to the monitor, turning on/off lullabies and nightlight.

The French do have good design sense, where this model comes in a sleek, modern, simple and unobtrusive look. With a hinge design that allows parent to open the camera to activate it or adapt it to the right vision angle, most folks will most probably flip the camera shut to turn it off and stop camera monitoring. There is no amount of money that can guarantee the safety of someone or something, but surely forking out $299 for this ought to help new parents sleep better at night?

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