15 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Cardsharp – On the Cutting Edge

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 06:52 AM PDT

I remember my Grandfather always walking around with a little penknife, and I cant tell you how many times that little sucker came in handy, as a screwdriver, gum scraper, twig cutter or maybe even a strawberry huller or banana slicer. He always had it with him, and I still have it today.

It seems as though folding knives have been around for a very long time, nothing was too unique about them and they havent changed much at all, but let me introduce you to the Cardsharp, this little credit card sized folding knife is much thinner, lighter, and due to its use of surgical stainless steel for the blade, much sharper than Grandpa’s old knife.

The Cardsharp looks just like a credit card and easily stores in your purse or wallet. With Three simple folding operations its easy to change Cardsharp from credit card size to a super sharp utility knife in a quick paper airplane style fold. Check out the video here.

The Cardsharp was originally designed to be used in first aid and survival kits, and because they can be re-folded, they were also able to be disposed of without the need of sharps containers. As they evolved into a product used by the general population, you can find them in the utility kits of gardeners, cooks, handymen, fishermen and grandfathers everywhere. (but I’m thinking, don’t try to take it on a plane!) The Cardsharp also has a built in safety sheath that prevents blunting and a lock mechanism thats adds to your safety both when opened and closed.

The Cardsharp 2 can be yours for about about 25 bucks from iansinclair.com


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Airhead kisses goodbye to helmet hair

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

When someone calls you an airhead, that is not something nice. However, with this invention known as the Airhead, it will solve one of the greatest mysteries of life – how does one prevent the dreaded effect of “helmet hair” before arriving at a destination? The answer lies in the Airhead, where this hack of a helmet liner will be able to increase ventilation, performance and reduce perspiration at the same time. It does not matter if you cycle or take a motorbike to work, the Airhead will work just as well, and it can even fit into snowboarding and horse riding helmets, ensuring you end up looking as immaculately as you did when you first left the house after spending an hour grooming your crowning glory.

The Airhead is a snap to fit, and is anti-static, anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. You are able to select from a wide range of colors and styles to suit your own personality. Since it uses spring action for a universal helmet fit, you need not worry about ruining your helmet’s inner lining as it does not come with adhesive tape to keep it in place.

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Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Most of us would have installed a regular doorbell or chime that alerts us of someone in front of the house, while those who are of the old school variety would settle for a door knocker. Since we are living in the 21st century, how about an electronic doorbell that keeps up with the times, capable of playing back your favorite tune to add that skip into your step? Yes sir, the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell is a customizable wireless doorbell which can hold up to 10,000 songs with a 32GB SD memory card, where it comprises of a speaker unit and a push button doorbell unit.

The speaker unit is unique in the sense that it can be removed and function as a portable music player whenever you leave the home, talk about having more than just one function! All music is transferred via USB, or you can always remove the SD memory card and use a memory card reader instead. Included with each $49.99 purchase is a complimentary MP3 editing software for you to make simple remixes of your favorite tracks for that truly unique doorbell tune.

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RIM introduces BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 05:30 AM PDT

Research In Motion is not exactly the hottest commodity on the planet at the moment, and the BlackBerry manufacturer is struggling in more ways than one. Not only that, their foray into the tablet market has not exactly been the most encouraging event in the company’s history to date, but thankfully the PlayBook has not been scrapped – yet, going the way of the HP TouchPad. Having said that, RIM has introduced an accessory that I believe will have an equally hard time to sell in the open market – the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard.

After all, how many people do you know actually own a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, let alone use it proudly whenever they are commuting? Just a handful, right? I suppose for this niche market group, you might use your tablet more for work than gaming purposes, hence a fair bit of typing needs to be accomplished, which is where the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes in handy.

It will hook up to your BlackBerry PlayBook via Bluetooth, and when connected, the virtual keyboard on the PlayBook will remain well hidden throughout the duration so that your eyes will be able to take advantage of the maximum screen size. Apart from the full QWERTY keyboard, it also comes with an integrated touchpad that enables you to navigate and control the BlackBerry PlayBook as though you were using the touch screen on the tablet itself. It can also fold up to function as a tablet stand whenever you want to watch a movie or be passively entertained.

Back to the touchpad on the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard – it is capable of supporting BlackBerry PlayBook gestures, in addition to gestures that are all too familiar with those who use standard mouse and touchpad controls on a laptop, including a single tap that functions as a mouse click, while a two finger tap will right-click, and a two-finger up or down swipe will scroll the display vertically. Measuring no more than 6mm in thickness, all data sent to the BlackBerry PlayBook is done over 128-bit encryption for added security. The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard can be yours for a rather hefty $119.99.

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ROCCAT Power-Grid might change the way we game

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 05:00 AM PDT

When it comes to gaming on the computer, the natural evolutionary path is very different from that of the home console. PC gamers have more or less remained faithful and true to the mouse and keyboard combination over the past couple of decades, while you see the home console scene evolve dramatically in terms of controls. From Nintendo’s N64 controller that looked totally different in its heyday to the SEGA Dreamcast’s ability to add on a mini controller to the main one, we now have motion controlled gaming and even the Kinect from Microsoft that uses your entire body as the controller itself.

Well, if you have been firmly entrenched in the PC gaming school of thought and own a smartphone device, then you might want to take a look at the ROCCAT Power-Grid which will definitely help you keep in touch with all of the important happenings on your smartphone even as you game – as the free-to-download Power-Grid is actually a tool that enables gamers to connect, monitor and control their game and PC in real time without being distracted by the action that is going on.

This particular app will feature four control displays, also known as "grids", as standard. Three of these grids already come preloaded with a wide range of essential gaming tools, while the fourth will be your canvas of imagination, meaning, it is completely customizable. Out of the four, the first of the Power-Grid's three pre-installed control grids is known as "Incoming Center". This grid will ensure that all external voice and text communication, ranging from Skype to Facebook, TeamSpeak, and Twitter among others, can be seen at-a-glance should there be any activity, letting you receive messages from friends and teammates even when gaming.

As for the "Stats Control" grid, it provides an avenue to quickly check out on your computer’s vital statistics, including CPU status, hard drive space and network traffic. The third preloaded display would be the "Sound Control" grid, where gamers can set and fine tune all aspects of their gaming audio using just their smartphone alone, tweaking audio settings according to their whim and fancy.

Last but not least is the fourth grid that is fully customizable according to your heart’s content. The Power-Grid app can be downloaded for free if you are interested.


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