16 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

MindWave – Please Use Your Brain

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 10:27 AM PDT

Most people are probably familiar with NeuroSky, even if they haven’t heard the name. NeuroSky are the folks that brought you Mindflex and the Star Wars Force trainer. What you might NOT know is that NueroSky doesnt just make kids games, they are integrating nueroscience into education, medicine and even automobiles.

The cornerstone of the “mind mingling” is the MindWave headset and, using bio-sensors just like the above mentioned games, it can communicate with a Mac or PC, and it does so via a wireless USB connection. Once connected, there are a multitude of focus inducing games, serene meditation apps and educational workouts that you can download directly from their app store. Who knew that? And theres a whole lot more…

Imagine driving a car that will alert you if you start to fall asleep, playing a game where your headpiece can actually monitor your attention level, or a “Cloud Smart TV” that can read your mental state and determine how a movie should end, how about a device that tells exactly when to hit your next golf shot? I know it sounds like science fiction but it could be a reality in a galaxy not that far away at all!

NeuroSky is also involved in ADHD, Alzheimers and brain injury programs, working with universeties to study how the brain can be “talked to”, exercised or even healed. Unlocking the mysteries of the human brain, now that would certainly change every aspect of life as we know it.

So now you know that NeuroSky is developing some pretty amazing technology, and some of it is available already. The MindWave (headset with 10 included applications) is available for 99 dollars and it turns your computer into a high tech private tutor. Check neurosky.com to purchase, or for a  lot more information.


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inPulse Smartwatch – Information at your Fingertips… Okay, Wrist!

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 08:21 AM PDT

This next gadget is going to come as no surprise to anyone, since we were kids watching Star Trek we all knew the day was coming. It may not be exactly what we have been anticipating all these years, but it is taking us one step closer to the inevitable. It looks like fun, it may be convenient, and if nothing else, its one heck of a conversation starter.

Meet the inPulse, lovingly called, the Smartwatch. Not as big as you might think, this nifty little device lets you get select e-mails, text messages, calender alerts, SMS feeds and caller ID information from your Blackbery and now, also from your Android phone, right to your wrist. Your watch will vibrate to attract your attention to its cool color information screen. Gone are the days you need to dig for your phone, you simply have to check your wrist to be updated on your digital life.

The Inpulse also makes available a menu of additional applications you may find useful or amusing for your new watch, they include some games, slot machine, interesting watch faces, a weather application and you can also monitor the status of your website or design your own apps!

When used with select Android phones the inPulse Android App initiates communication between our site and your watch, about every 15 minutes and requests updates, when there is in fact an update available, that information is sent to your watch and you are alerted. The phone and your watch are only connected during the this brief transfer of information, in order to preserve precious battery life. (anticipated to be around 36 hours)

So if you are looking for that next new gizmo, this might be it. The inPulse is available for getinpulse.com for around 149 bucks for the plain metal and under $200 for the stealth black. Check to see that your phone is compatible and you might be on the lookout for an iPhone version, coming soon?


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Origami is first power folding stroller in the world

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 06:30 AM PDT

Check out the Origami – most of the time, first time parents find that going out with a little baby in tow is not an easy task at all, as one needs to figure out all the possible eventualities, and bring along enough provisions. Well, setting up a standard stroller could prove challenging, especially when you are already carrying a couple of bags across your shoulders. Well, the Origami might be able to solve whatever problems you have in terms of being too bulky – as it is the first power folding stroller of its kind in the world.

4moms has developed this particular power-folding stroller, where all it takes is a single touch of the button to fold itself. It is also self-charging for that added bit of independence, since generators located in the rear wheels will juice up the Origami whenever you start to walk – or in the case of a stroller, one would naturally stroll. There are also daytime running lights which ensure you and your baby will be able to see what’s going on ahead, as the pathway lights that are located under the stroller will turn on automatically in low-light conditions. Embedded sensors will know whether a child is in the seat, so that it won’t fold itself by accident. All details from the thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer will be displayed on the LCD dashboard. The asking price is definitely not cheap though at $849.99 a pop.

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Air Strike Catapult

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 06:00 AM PDT

If you happen to work at an office, then surely you are familiar with this entity known as cubicles. The Air Strike Catapult from ThinkGeek, however, makes short work of such obstacles if you want to be a little bit mischievious. After all, a standard slingshot with one of those folded up “bullets” are too mainstream, which is where this $14.99 Air Strike Catapult comes in handy. This little office warfare device will feature half a dozen foam balls which make them safe enough to lob any just about anyone, and even better is the fact that these balls are not round in nature, but are a little bit spiky for an added effect upon landing on your target.

As for the kind of range the Air Strike Catapult offers, we are not talking about bringing down fortresses of old, but a 40 foot radius ought to be more than enough to handle just about any target within your vicinity. Even better is this – if you are a manager who works amongst cubicles, this is the perfect fodder to start a friendly “fight” while showing the rest of your staff that you do have a soft side to you.

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JuiceTank iPhone case comes with built-in charger

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 05:30 AM PDT

Most of us are familiar that a smartphone tends to suck up more juice than your standard featurephone – and that is the price to pay for added functionality. Well, this has led to more and more accessories that offer different kinds of ways to juice up a smartphone, ranging from in-car chargers to solar-powered chargers, and even docks that play back music while juicing up your device. Heck, there is also the option of purchasing an iPhone case (for instance) which has a built-in battery – effectively doubling the amount of time that your iPhone will be able to run on a single charge.

Here is a paradigm shift that you might want to explore – the JuiceTank iPhone case that is currently on Kickstarter, where it features an integrated charger so that you need not carry another iPhone charger on your travels, let alone power cables. After all, since it already lets you plug your iPhone straight into the wall without any fuss, what other reason is there for you to carry another iPhone charger when traveling?

It is iPhone accessory company Detached’s idea to figure out just how they are going to develop the JuiceTank case, where it will cater for the iPhone 4 and its successor, the iPhone 4S. Being the ideal lightweight cordless charging solution for your iPhone 4/4S, it can be deployed in an instant whenever your smartphone needs more power. Once your device is fully charged, it can be folded completely flat in order to deliver maximum comfort as well as portability, never mind where you decide to carry your iPhone in.

Your eyes will be happy to check out the JuiceTank in a smooth jet black color, where it is more efficient than standard charging solutions without making your iPhone look as though it has been bulked up beyond recognition. The durable case uses polycarbonate as the material of choice that is found in bulletproof glass, and ought to offer adequate protection against knocks and drops. Expect the JuiceTank to retail for $70 a pop, but if you decide to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, then it would be available at a discount – $55 to be exact.

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Razer Academy offers a new competitive gaming learning platform

Posted: 16 Mar 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Razer, a company that is no stranger to those who want to pick up a peripheral or two to ensure that they maintain a gaming edge over their opponents, is definitely an advocate of electronic sports. In fact, they are one of the pioneering supporters of this genre, and have more or less sponsored nearly all different kinds of gaming niches to date. Right now, Razer intends to champion the cause of an all new e-Sports learning platform that will target all gamers, ranging from casual and competitive amateurs to pro-gamers, and in order to assist them in this effort, it will be driven by some of the world's most experienced and celebrated gaming personalities.

Right now, the Razer Academy is in its beta phase, and was specially designed to deliver an interactive, in-depth and enjoyable learning experience for e-Sports fans, where one is able to benefit from gaming shows, guides, game analysis, commentary, articles, interviews and documentaries. Among the luminaries whom you will be able to tap into their insight as listed after the jump.

  • Abdulatif "Latif" Alhmili – Streetfighter champion
  • Bachir "Athene" Boumaaza – world famous gamer and YouTuber
  • Toby "TobiWanKenobi" Dawson – professional Defense of the Ancients commentator
  • Ben "MrBitter" Nichol – professional StarCraft II commentator
  • Martin "AngeL" Olsen – professional Defense of the Ancients player
  • Protato Monster – League of Legends YouTube channel
  • John "Swifty" Pyle – World of Warcraft legend
  • Rachel "Seltzer" Quirico – e-Sports journalist and gamer
  • Stuart "TosspoT" Saw – professional commentator
  • Kendall "arCtiC” Smith – professional console gamer
  • Leigh "Deman" Smith – professional commentator
  • Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi – professional StarCraft II commentator
  • Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky – Quake professional

Apart from that all-star lineup, you will also find elite members of Team Razer who will share their knowledge and expertise to the Razer Academy project, when they are called upon from time to time to be guests on shows, offering commentaries and guides to the clueless. Seems legit to me, and if you are a gamer who feels that there is just one bit of your game sphere lacking before you end up as top dog, then perhaps the Razer Academy would fit in nicely with your world domination plans.

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