21 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

BumpyPhoto – For Pictures that Jump Out at You, Literally!

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 10:14 AM PDT

It seems like the plain old photograph has lost a tremendous amount of popularity. While there are still some of us that relish putting together a beautiful photo album, it seems like most of us just keep our prints on our hard drives, or we’ll even go the extra step and save them to a disc. We always promise we will pick out the very best ones and have prints made, but we never do.

Check out BumpyPhoto.com, if anything will make you want to  spend sometime gathering together some of your best shots, this might be just the thing. BumpyPhoto turns your favorite photos  into three-dimensional works of art. Made out of a super hard resin composite, this bas-relief or cameo style artwork is colored according to your photograph and finished with a layer of matte varnish.

The company suggests that while they can work from any photo,  best results are obtained when it is clear, well-illuminated and of the highest resolution available to you. BumpyPhoto will be happy to check your photos for suitability and they will retouch, or even colorize photos for an additional charge.

Prices start at around $59 and BumpyPhotos come in a wide range of sizes, including custom. See that? Mothers Day gift giving problems, solved. Visit BumpyPhoto.com for more information.


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Ematic eSport Clip portable media player

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 10:00 AM PDT

Portable media players – those used to be really hot, until the smartphone became really, er, smart, throwing in a slew of functions in addition to being able to keep track of your phone calls and text messages, hence rendering the average portable media player obsolete. Of course, the iPod touch is still going strong, but you surely will not see it garner as much attention as that of the iPhone or iPad, considering how those two devices are able to more than hold their own in media playback – music and video alike. Ematic thinks that the portable media player market still has some legs left, hence introducing the eSport Clip portable media player to the masses.

The eSport Clip comes with a rather tiny 1.8″ color display, which is rather disappointing since we are so used to devices with at least 3.5″ of viewing real estate to begin with. To get used to 1.8″ is definitely taking a few steps backwards, but then again, there is a reason for Ematic to do so, since the eSport Clip portable media player targets multi-taskers and people who lead an active lifestyle. It will remain hands-free, thanks to a built-in clip that allows you to attach this to your clothes. Seems to be an iPod shuffle rival, except that this has video playback capability and a color display.

As for storage space, surely you cannot expect something as small as the Ematic eSport Clip to be able to handle a huge amount of data. We are talking about 4GB of internal flash memory here, where it more or less lets you stash away up to 2,300 songs, 20 hours of video, or thousands of pictures, depending on whatever floats your boat. All files and media can be transferred using the USB 2.0 connection, although throwing in USB 3.0 would have definitely made the Ematic eSport Clip stand out of the crowd.

Apart from that, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the Ematic eSport Clip itself comes with an integrated 5-megapixel digital camera, allowing you to capture images on the go – with the added ability to play around with digital filters. If stills are not your cup of tea, there is still the option to record video and audio, making it the ideal lecture recording device for students who want to catch forty winks. Expect to pay $29 for the Ematic eSport Clip at Walmart.com.

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KidSafe ensures your iPhone 4S/4 remains damage-free

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 09:45 AM PDT

You know the drill – monkey see, monkey do. Well, ask any parent these days and they will tell you that they have been asked at least once by their kids to get them an iPad or iPhone, and the latest model will obviously be at the top of the list. Having said that, have you seen little toddlers using an iPhone to play games on it? Those iPhones are certainly not too safe from the whims and fancies of a toddler, especially since he/she might decide to smash it against the table out of frustration. Well, TRTL BOT, designers of eco-functional iPhone and iPad cases, have recently unveiled the first ever reversible iPhone 4/4S case known as the KidSafe.

KidSafe was specially designed to protect the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S from damage during use, and to make sure your tiny tot does not mess up your phone’s settings due to random presses, the apps and setting will remain inaccessible to children, other than the app that you have launched. Sounds rather authoritarian, but trust me, you will certainly be happier in the long run that it is so.

Targeting families with young children, the KidSafe will come with a proprietary home button protective cover which ensures there is no unwanted or mistaken access to the home screen, and will also block the ability to access apps or settings. Other than software “protection”, it was also designed with hardware protection in mind, boasting slightly raised corners so that it will be able to shrug off everyday drops or scratches. It will not do much if one decides to smash the screen against the corner of a table though.

According to Peter Gloria, president of TRTL BOT, "The perfect two-in-one double-sided case, KidSafe can be used for everyday activities, and then flipped for extra protection when given to children. With the KidSafe, parents will no longer need to worry about children mistakenly exiting an app, deleting contacts or making unwanted calls." Since KidSafe will naturally see plenty of action with children, it was manufactured using BPA-free, non-toxic recycled plastic. You can choose from Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Grass Green colors at $24.95 a pop.

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Easypark- the Parking Meter IN your Car

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 09:37 AM PDT

There is nothing like parking in New York City, not only is space difficult to find, its sometimes impossible to decipher the rules of parking in whatever space you eventually come across. When you finally have a spot, you might have to run out during dinner to feed the meter, and if you don’t have a pocketful of change… darn.

This next gadget doesn’t fix the entire problem, I don’t think anything ever will, but it certainly will help. Check out On Track Innovation’s Easypark. Easypark is a patented in-your-vehicle parking meter. It can be used for both on site or on the street parking, and it eliminates the need for change. Easypark also allows its users to pay only for the time actually parked, no more adding a quarter for a whole half hour that you probably you wont need.

Easypark, as its name suggests, is very easy to use. Your device is supplied with funds either by loading it online or at an Easpark retail location. Turn on the unit, and simply hang it in your car window. The parking system not only allows cities and towns to more properly monitor parking patterns and usage, it can also easily handle different cities, parking rates, or taxes.

Easypark could also easily increase revenues and reduce operating costs for many municipalities as well. It reduces paperwork and money handling, meter maintainance and manpower. Of course as long as I’m not running through the rain in search of a quarter, I’m happy.

Easypark is in use in over 30 cities around the world including locations in Isreal, Italy, France, Buermuda and the United States. It may be coming soon to a city near you.


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Air Clicker is a Bluetooth-powered finger camera

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 09:15 AM PDT

You know the classic motion of using your fingers to snap photos with an invisible camera? Well, I am glad to say that such an idea has been translated to the real world in the form of the Air Clicker, and this particular device comprises of a couple of modules – one for the thumb, while the other is meant for the forefinger. The camera segment will be worn on the thumb, while the shutter button itself is triggered by a bent finger, similar to a beckoning action. If you prefer to shoot videos instead of stills, all you need to do is curve your fingers to imitate a video camera grip – don’t you think that it is all too easy?

We do know that the Air Clicker will be Bluetooth powered, but it would be nice to see some description on the device’s battery lifespan as well as amount of memory space. After all, shooting video (as well as knowing the resolution count of the camera would help a great deal) tends to take up a whole lot of memory within a short time. Do you think the Air Clicker will catch on in the long run?


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Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 09:10 AM PDT

Boba Fett – he sure as heck has his fair share of fans as well as detractors, and if you happen to fall under the former group, then you might very well be interested in what ThinkGeek has to offer with the $19.99 Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab. This might be just the tool to have your little one get interested in learning about propulsion, as the world’s favorite bounty hunter has a thing or two to teach us about science. You will be able to learn about rock design, trajectories, and aerodynamics with this Star Wars science kit.

The Star Wars Boba Fett Launch Lab is capable of sending Boba Fett up to 50 feet in the air using but a single stomp of your foot. I guess you have finally stumbled upon a way to carefully place those temper tantrums in a beneficial way, n? You can perform various launch experiments by sending Boba Fett with jetpack off, without a jetpack, or even sans Boba.

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