27 March, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Logitech UE Air Speaker plays nice with AirPlay

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 09:30 AM PDT

Logitech has just rolled out yet another audio-centric device today – by announcing the Logitech UE Air Speaker which will be compatible with Apple’s AirPlay standard. Basically, this means one is able to stream uncompressed music from iTunes or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is hooked up to your home's Wi-Fi network to a Logitech UE speaker. At the end of the day, it would be your ears (as well as those in the vicinity) who will benefit from this high-quality audio, where dual tweeters as well as woofers will also offer a big boost to the sound stage.

According to Rory Dooley, senior vice president of music at Logitech, "There's a new breed of music fans whose iPad and iPhone devices are at the center of their listening activities. We created the Logitech UE Air Speaker to give those people a great audio experience that combines effortless streaming with fantastic sound. With its stylish, modern design, easy setup and excellent sound, the Logitech UE Air Speaker looks and sounds phenomenal in any room in the house."

Just what is the Logitech UE Air Speaker capable of? For starters, it will offer pure, undiluted music regardless of where you want to listen. Logitech’s years of experience in the home audio department alongside the Ultimate Ears heritage will result in great quality sound that is sent straight into music lovers' ears. The Logitech UE Air Speaker is also a surefire winner where looks are concerned, sporting subtle curves and a handsome piano-black finish which would help it look right at home in just about any room. Apart from that, it boasts of custom-tuned acoustics that deliver a big soundstage with impressively detailed stereo sound.

In order to setup the entire thingamajic, just dock your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch onto it, follow the dummy-proof on-screen instructions while downloading the Logitech UE Air app. Key in your Wi-Fi network password and you are good to go. The setup process is a one time affair, and thanks to the Apple Dock Connector, you will be able to juice up your iOS-powered devices while listening to music.

Expect the Logitech UE Air Speaker to hit the US and European markets from April onwards for $399.99 a pop.

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Metal detector knows the amount of cash you are carrying

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 09:00 AM PDT

When it comes to psychics, surely you must have wondered just what kind of sorcery they are involved in that allows them to “peer” into the minds of others, figuring out just how and what other people are thinking. For folks who have nothing but money in their mind at all times, this is even worse, considering how pyschics would then know how to wring out the insane amounts of cash from you after you consult them about your future.

Good thing technology has finally caught up with the arcane arts, where this unique metal detector is capable of detecting as well as count the number of concealed banknotes in your wallet – especially those that has been printed with magnetic inks. I guess this has plenty to do with the urban legend that security strips available in US banknotes can be tracked down by metal detectors – which is not true since those strips themselves are made out of plastic. Ah well, urban legends tend to have a tendency to grow out of hand, but we will look closer at actual, real world technology instead.

The magnetic inks used do see action in vending machines these days, where the mechanism inside will verify the authenticity of a single note, although physicists Christopher Fuller and Antao Chen at the University of Washington in Seattle figured out that large bundles of notes would contain enough magnetic material to be detected from a distance, which might eventually help police to catch folks who want to smuggle insane amounts of (often illegal) cash across the border.

The standard handheld metal detector works just fine in detecting a dollar bill from 3cm away, while placing the notes under the perceived shield of plastic, cardboard and cloth failed to block the signal in any way. Apart from that, throwing in further bills in $5 increments will increase the strength of the signal, making it is extremely possible to count the number of bills. It would be a wee bit impossible to convert it into the actual dollar value, since the amount of magnetic ink remains the same regardless of denominations.


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Mogulz DJ Headphones

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 08:30 AM PDT

Wearing a pair of headphones should be customary for those of us who tend to prefer to enjoy our music up close and personal, as you get to hear all the little bits of the song which you might not be able to pick up using a pair of speakers and low volume levels. With the $69.99 Mogulz DJ Headphones, however, you know for sure that you are able to start enjoying your music by giving them a new lease of life right from the get go. Featuring extremely comfortable AeroFoam cushions, the Mogulz DJ Headphones will deliver super deep bass, smooth treble, and crystal vocals. If you tend to do a whole lot of traveling, just fold them up neatly and you are good to go.

If there is one gripe that most folks have concerning a pair of headphones, then it would be the amount of heat which builds up over time, and ThinkGeek is glad to say that this is not the case with the Mogulz DJ Headphones. You are able to wear one of these puppies for hours on end without any aural discomfort, thanks to a padded band and spring-loaded hinges. It will basically play nice with any other device with a 3.5 mm jack.

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Why Cry Baby Analyzer – So You’ll Know Exactly Why you arent Sleeping

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 08:07 AM PDT

I am an only child of only children, so my experience with babies is pretty limited. When I had my own child I wasn’t quite sure of anything. I’m quite certain there were times I gave her milk when she wanted to sleep and gave her a nice cuddle when she just wanted to be left alone. Heck, I’m still doing that and she’s already nine. If only they had the Why Cry Analyzer back then.

Welcome the Why Cry Analyzer that interprets your baby’s cries for you and displays the interpretation on the units LCD screen. Okay, so before you start laughing, the Baby Analyzer is clinically certified, and boasts a 90 percent accuracy rate. So while a truly seasoned mom might have it down pat, first time moms might find a little comfort in a device that can probably tell you why in the heck your up in the middle of the night, again…

It works via microphone by comparing the infants crying power,  frequency and crying intervals against an already established pattern and then provides you with the results in 20 seconds or less. So if your little bundle of joy is stressed, sleepy, hungry, bored or annoyed, the Why Cry Analyzer will let you know, and you can do the right thing by your little angel.

The Why Cry Baby Analyzer is patented, the only device of its kind and has been found in use in hospital neonatal units, it seems like it could make a great gift for the first time parent or for the gadget-hound mommy that needs to have every gizmo known to man, including a diaper wipe warmer. It might also be useful for babystitters and non-parent caregivers who might need a hand in deciphering babies cries as well. Available for under 30 bucks at Amazon.com  Now if they could just make one that lets you understand teens…


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Permoveh wheelchair does its jig sideways and diagonally

Posted: 27 Mar 2012 07:54 AM PDT

You know something? Wheelchairs are something that most of us take for granted when we see one – after all, just how much more technology can be infused into the wheelchair? Certainly lighter materials would go a long way in helping it be far more mobile than normal, but it more or less have moved in the same way all these years – front and back, while turning to the left and right requires some hand power to do so. Of course, we have yet to reach the levels of Professor Xavier with his telepathic-powered ride, but at least Komori Masaharu, an associate professor from Kyoto University, has come up with a spanking new wheelchair that is called the Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle).

What makes Permoveh special? For starters, it is nowhere near a regular wheelchair in terms of looks, and is capable of doing what other wheelchairs are unable to do – thanks to the wheel-in-wheel system, it is capable of traveling diagonally as well as laterally. The whole idea behind Permoveh is to offer wheelchair users access to places where they previously were unable to go.


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