19 April, 2012

GeekAlerts: “Garbage Pail Kids Hardcover Book” plus 11 more

GeekAlerts: “Garbage Pail Kids Hardcover Book” plus 11 more

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Garbage Pail Kids Hardcover Book

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 03:13 AM PDT

Yay! They always bring back the oldies but goodies. Remember how the Garbage Pail Kids made your mom cringe? But she’d cave in a buy a pack for you anyway? Now you can share of that old-school gutter humor with your own kids with the Garbage Pail Kids Hardcover Book. A bit like a stroll down memory [...]

Bake a Brick Cake Mold

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 01:43 AM PDT

Taste isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to baked goods. When you buy a cake, you consider not only the flavor but also how it’s being presented or served, right? There are two ways on how you can generally make your cakes take center stage: by making them look better than good, [...]

Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 11:38 PM PDT

You can provide hours of entertainment for the kids and still keep your backyard with the Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena. Do your tiny (or not so tiny since it supports up to 200lbs.) sports warriors have a hunger to deliver a whupping with a generous helping of trash-talk to their siblings or friends? Just plug [...]

Graphic Belt Buckles

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 09:28 PM PDT

Just as every girl needs a statement handbag, every guy needs to have a statement belt. Life is too short to play it safe and wear what everyone else is wearing, so go on and gather some pieces of flair that rightfully define you. Red Envelope has a curious collection of Graphic Belt Buckles that could darn [...]

Deep Frying Portable Grill

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 07:21 PM PDT

The weather is getting nicer and it's time to fire up the Deep Frying Portable Grill. Forget about the regular barbeque pit because this little jewel puts that old thing to shame. You can become the master of backyard cuisine with this grill because the 452″ sq. cooking surface has room for eight hamburgers, the [...]

Keyboard Slippers

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 05:11 PM PDT

You can’t really do much with your computer without a keyboard. So why not show how much you appreciate keyboards by getting a pair of these Keyboard Slippers? Similar to the Keyboard Sandals we showed you in the past, you can’t actually use them to type stuff, but the grooving provided by the keys will massage [...]

Set of 8 Bicycle Glasses

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 03:22 PM PDT

Two of the best things you can do for yourself are bike and keep hydrated. Now that it’s prime time to go outside and get moving, having this new Set of 8 Bicycle Glasses will keep your goals in check. Each glass has the same bike print on it but in a different color. When you throw parties, [...]

Instagram Prints

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 01:27 PM PDT

You’ve probably read it in the news by now: Social networking giant Facebook has bought Instagram for $1 billion. That’s sure a lot of money to acquire a fifteen-month-old image sharing company, so what could Facebook really be up to with this acquisition? If you’re worried about the state of your image files and want [...]

Sandless Beach Mat

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 11:24 AM PDT

Soon it will be beach weather again and time for fun in the sun. The big problem with the beach is that sand gets everywhere–unless you have this Sandless Beach Mat! It actually uses military technology designed to contain dust and sand from being kicked up by helicopters, and is made of a special woven [...]

Doctor Who Vote No On Daleks Red T-Shirt

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 10:44 AM PDT

It’s an election year and no matter who you vote for there is one thing we can all agree on. We don’t want a Dalek invasion. This Doctor Who Vote No On Daleks Red T-Shirt will let the world know where you stand. Because extermination must be stopped. Are you going to let the doctor [...]

Bacon Jam

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 10:35 AM PDT

There’s really no end to all the bacon madness, is there? There’s the Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, Bacon Chocolate, Bacon Lollipops, Bacon Croutons, and Bacon Hot Sauce. And now ThinkGeek has come up with the ultimate bacon product that will make all of your mornings extra special: the Bacon Jam. Skip the peanut butter or strawberry jam because the [...]

Growlin’ Dragon Stompeez Slippers

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 09:30 AM PDT

Footwear doesn’t get any more adorable or comfortable than these Growlin’ Dragon Stompeez Slippers. The slippers feature a wide-eyed dragon that gives a huge yawn each time you take a step. Just seeing the dragon yawn that much is enough to make me want to sleep myself. The Growlin’ Dragon Stompeez Slippers come with non-skid [...]