02 April, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Epson Moverio – You Won’t Believe your Eyes!

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 08:20 AM PDT


Epson America, announced a few days ago, the newest and coolest visual display technology glasses, the Epson Moverio BT-100, the very first Android based wearable transparent display glasses. Using what is called, micro-projection technology, and a track-pad controller, Moverio allows you to view streaming video, experience 3D content and enjoy downloaded digital content on a virtual 80-inch “perceived” screen projected into the user’s real environment, allowing you to be completely aware of your surroundings, all while being entertained.

 The very portable Moverio glasses have  built-in Wi-Fi and boast up to six hours of rechargeable battery life. Epson’s Moverio offers a super innovative way to interact with a huge variety of content from virtually any location. Users can also easily access downloaded content via the microSDHC card slot (4GB card included) and built-in 1GB internal user storage, without the need for wireless network access.

Obviously Moverio is a first generation product, and the possibilities are endless. According to Epson, Moverio runs on an Android 2.2 platform with Adobe Flash 11 support, streaming content from your favorite Flash based websites. The system can be constantly updated and it seems to me the capabilities are awesome. Game playing may never be the same.

Epson’s Moverio BT-100 glasses are compact, touch sensitive and rechargeable and they come with a specially designed carrying case, battery charger and ear phones, but technology this much fun doesn’t come cheap, the glasses are available now, for just under 700 bucks from epson.com


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TAT7 iPhone Scuba case

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 07:30 AM PDT

There is just something about underwater photos that make it look all like a dream. Perhaps it is the surreal feel surrounding the moray eel that you have just snapped, or the ruins of the great Titanic that has sunk to the bottom of the ocean, with its hulking frame forming part of the underwater scene that greets your eyes, where its once luxurious rooms are now homes for all sorts of ocean dwelling creatures. As for the kind of equipment used to snap such photos when underwater, they are nothing short of being super expensive – at least, when compared to your regular camera, that is.

These days, underwater casings for a standard issue DSLR or even a regular consumer class digital camera are still expensive, but not so much priced out of reach of the ordinary citizen after saving up for a while. However, if you have yet to jump aboard the digital camera bandwagon, there is always the backup which is an iPhone (or perhaps, the new HTC One X) that has a spanking camera sensor built in. However, since iPhones and water do not mix too well, this is where the TAT7 iPhone Scuba case comes in handy.

This unique housing for your favorite Apple smartphone allows you to start snapping high resolution pics right away, where it is constructed from clear polycarbonate complete with a hinged opening located at the bottom. There are double gaskets on that opening which will prevent water from seeping in the moment you slide the phone in, as long as you do not venture anywhere beyond 30 meters in depth. A trio of buttons at the back lets you access basic touchscreen photo and video controls. The asking price? A relatively affordable $84.95. Well, what are you waiting for? Get one already and start snapping!


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Interactive poster responds to kisses

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 07:00 AM PDT

I am quite sure that those who have just entered puberty, hormones raging and all, would definitely have had a crush on one of their favorite movie or pop stars before. Actresses, models, it does not matter – surely someone must have sent you head into a spin some time or another! When movie posters were all the rage, you could see Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt as pin ups, while the boys have their favorites, too, such as Alicia Silverstone and Uma Thurman. Well, some even go so far as to give their idols a smooch on the lips – meeting not flesh and blood, but paper that gets mustier as time passes by.

Now, if only such posters could respond in kind – I am quite sure that some of us have asked that question before. Well, it seems that this particular wish has finally come through – a research group over at Keio University have managed to work on an interactive poster that is capable of reacting when kissed.

What you see above is the obvious example, where a guy, who obviously has fallen head over heels with the female lead on the screen, decided to drop all pretenses and walk up to a flat screen display, giving her a smooch – too bad those puckering lips with blood flowing through them will meet with cold hardware instead of a pair of warm lips. Well, this particular interactive poster comes with a built-in proximity sensor, so that whenever a person comes closer to it, the digital avatar will be aware and start puckering up, further increasing the “temperature” of the situation.

According to the research team, “This system is very simple. There’s an ultrasound sensor here, to detect how far away your head is. As you approach the sensor, the picture changes. When you get closer, the picture becomes a kissing face, and when you move away, it becomes a blushing face. The current system only produces visual changes, but we could also include the scent of shampoo from the person’s hair, or a lemon-flavored film on the lips, or a speaker that whispers “I love you.” People who’ve tried this system advised us to do those things, so we think there’s still plenty to be done. We’ve learned a lot from talking to users.” Hopefully the iPad application for this will be realized soon – you will then be able to see folks walking around and smooching on their favorite tablet.


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Tentanic is super large!

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:30 AM PDT

I don’t know about you, but if someone were to approach me and tell me that a tent is going to cost me a whopping £7,500, I would just laugh their suggestion off, thinking of so many other ways to be able to better spend that kind of money. This particular tent known as Tentanic is obviously large – too large for my liking, actually. After all, if you are going camping, traveling light should be the name of the game, and something that measures 120m x 14m x 27cm sans guy ropes is definitely far roomier than a standard tent – good luck setting the whole thing up! It is capable of sleeping around 1,000 folks, and comes with a convenient starboard-side zip-up entrance coupled with 300 anchor-shaped pegs. You won’t be running into any icebergs with this for sure, but then again, setting it up will need too much energy that you might just spend the next day just sleeping to catch up on all the energy spent.

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Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:02 AM PDT

You know for sure that something like the $24.99 Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair stands a very good chance at being an April Fool’s joke over at Thinkgeek, simply because it sounds too good to be true. Sure, it is called as an officially licensed Star Trek product, and if you want to turn everyone in your home into a Trekkie, then you might as well start them young, no? Assuming the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair is the real deal from the get go, this unique piece of inflatable furniture is super portable – perfect when you are moving homes, as it is a snap to pack. All you need to do is open up the air release valve, and let everything out, leaving you with the easy task of folding it for convenient transportation.

It is perfect to see who the choleric in the home is, and whether the little tyke is actually the one running the show on behalf of the whole family. Once Junior loves this chair to bits, it is time to teach him some foreign languages – like Klingon-speak, for example. Oh and by the way, this is no April Fool’s joke – it is the real deal.

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