16 April, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Aqua iPhone Case

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 08:28 AM PDT

There is one thing that electronics absolutely hate – and that would be mixing it up with water. Well, unless someone comes up with a waterproof device right from the production lines, you would pretty much have to take the proactive effort to take good care of your electronic device to make sure it does not end up sleeping with the fishes. The next time you head to the beach or pool and wished you could have recorded some videos or snapped some photos, make sure you have the £19.95 Aqua iPhone Case in tow.

As the name suggests, the Aqua iPhone Case will be able to ensure your iPhone remains free from water, sand, dust and snow, letting you have your fair share of fun, shooting photos and videos without worrying about drowning your device. It boasts of a transparent, touch-sensitive perspex skin that lets you access the touchscreen display, while protecting it from the elements.

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LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 06:30 AM PDT

When it comes to iPhone as well as iPod docks, they are more or less dime a dozen. I am quite sure that you have seen your fair share of them, and very rarely do any of them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Well, perhaps when you hear about the LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock, things might change from your perspective. For starters, this is the idea of Mike and Ellie Kemery, where the latter is an industrial designer and experienced design strategist for brands including Nike, T-Mobile USA, and Under Armour amongst others.

With the LIL KIKR iPhone/iPod charging dock hailing from their collective brainstorming efforts, you can be sure that it is going to garner more than just simple attention from the masses. Made from high quality materials and specially designed to charge and amplify the sound up to 10db, the LIL KIKR is an attempt at bringing the house down in a highly portable and functional form factor.

It will come with a simple, clean design in order to match the Apple aesthetic, using premium aircraft grade aluminum and steel, resulting in the LIL KIKR being a strong and stable dock that will play nice with the following iOS-powered devices – the iPod nano 3G, iPod 6G, iPod touch, iPhone 3/3G and iPhone 4/4S. There are non-slip rubber caps located on the back and bottom of the dock, and since the LIL KIKR has been described as “a strong and stable dock”, it should be able to prevent the iPhone or iPod from wobbling or sliding across a table as it pumps out those tubthumpin’ tunes of yours.

Not only that, the LIL KIKR+ comes with a foam pad support back for maximum stability. It is a snap to tote the LIL KIKR around whenever you need to head off for your travels somewhere, since it can fit into just about any purse or laptop bag without adding much bulk. The LIL KIKR was designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S without a case, while the LIL KIKR+ offers the form factor of a more versatile dock which will fit the latest generation iPod or iPhone, whether it has a case or not.

You can choose from red, black or silver colors for the LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+.

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Robotic rings offer a unique way to interact with robots

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 06:00 AM PDT

What you see above are actually robotic rings which will be able to imitate not only ey, but mouth movements as well, and it is not something that guys would want to us when it comes to proposing to their respective girlfriends, upgrading the status to Wife 1.0. So then, what would be the function of such rings? For starters, they are being developed by a research group at Keio University, and according to a brief description as provided by the research group, “When you wear this robot on your hand, it forms a medium for communication using the hand. So the robot serves as a device for enhancing the animal-like, imitative ways that people use their hands.”

The robot itself will feature electromagnetic motors in the eyes, where these can be controlled in an electrical manner. At the bottom segment, there lies a microcontroller which is the “brain” that moves the eyes, with all of it being powered by a battery. It must be said that up till now, the robots have more or less communicated with ordinary humans from a distance, including pet robots like Sony’s now defunct Aibo robotic dog, and androids (no, not the mobile operating system, but rather, humanoid-like robots).

Robots have yet to be attached to the human body, and this working concept does give a deeper look into such a possibility, and I am quite sure that it is far cuter than what you had previously imagined. This accessory is fun to wear, and might just pave the way for a faster progression as to how such wearable robots might go beyond the research stage at light speed.

Right now, a special-purpose microcontroller and a PC will control the robot, but we are keen to hear that future improvements ought to allow it to sense motion by the wearer as well as those who are nearby, allowing it to move automatically. To have it look like a toy also makes it more adorable, and more folks too, would be able to warm up to it in a shorter than expected time.


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Functional Gamer Furniture

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:30 AM PDT

Not all cars are made the same, and the same applies to pieces of furniture in your home, too. Enter the Functional Gamer Furniture that will definitely roll back the years, especially for those who have a penchant for 8-bit gaming. Why do I say so? It is actually a Nintendo Controller Coffee Table that would add a dash of class to your man cave. The brainchild of designer Charles Lushear, what makes this NES controller coffee table all the more desirable is not only its looks, it is also fully functional, letting you enjoy saving the Princess from the nefarious grip of Bowser for the umpteenth time, while sipping on your morning cuppa.

It is constructed using premium maple, mahogany and walnut, and obviously, the amount of work that goes into it would cost you more than just spare change. A gold coin from the Kingdom might be worth the trade, but in our reality, it is going to cost you a cool $3,500 instead. It would be interesting to input the Nintendo code using your coffee table, and reaching the right button at the correct time might prove tricky, but it might just be the thing that keeps your hands and fingers flexible.


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Ku Hoe He’e Nalu Inflatable Board

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Summer might be a few months away for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, but that does not mean the necessary preparations for a great summer should be postponed until them. If you love the great outdoors, feeling at home especially when you are on the water, then you might want to look into the potential purchase of the $899.95 Ku Hoe He’e Nalu Inflatable Board, where this inflatable paddleboard will let you experience the centuries-old stand-up surfing form of Ku Hoe He’e Nalu which can be seen today on Oahu’s renowned Waialua Bay.

Of course, since this is inflatable, you know for sure that carrying it around is going to be a snap, since it does not have the bulk and weight of a solid board, and will feature a 33″ x 20″ x 9″ backpack to help you tote it around in a jiffy. It takes just minutes to inflate it thanks to the included hand pump, and is made out of durable drop-stitched polyethylene so that you get to enjoy maximum rigidity and buoyancy, as long as you do not tip the scales at more than 265 lbs. There is also a 4″ raised tip which prevents the nose from diving under the water, while a removable epoxy fin lets you achieve consistent tracking when using the 72″ adjustable-length polyethylene paddle to get around.

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