20 April, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Griffin and Crayola team up for Crayola MyPhones, Color Clickers and Crayon Classics

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 10:00 AM PDT

Kids love playing, but most of the time these days, the kind of games that they play are of the video variety. It is about time you helped them get out of the house and lose that pasty complexion, where running around in the park and rolling in grass should be made as a mandatory childhood experience – not to mention climbing trees and having hours of fun in a treehouse. Well, apart from playing, I have yet to find a normal child who loves colors – the more, the merrier. This is where Griffin and Crayola’s partnership looks set to bear plenty of fruit – in the form of the Crayola MyPhones, Color Clickers and Crayon Classics, where we shall take a closer look at all three right after the jump.

First of all, there is the Crayola MyPhones which is a pair of fully adjustable, volume-limiting earbuds and headphones which are – but of course, kid-sized. After all, it is the growing trend these days that kids are exposed to ever increasing levels of sound. Take a gander at our commercials on the TV – a normal show sounds just fine until it is time for some ads to run, where the audio level increases noticeably, sometimes causing a shock as well to the entire household. With the $24.99 Crayola MyPhones, you need not worry about your little one losing his or her hearing so soon, thanks to an integrated sound-control circuit which caps peak volume levels at 85 decibels or lower.

As for the $14.99 MyPhones Earbuds, these will carry Crayola's iconic crayon wrapper design, sporting individual carrying cases for that personal touch, while coming in a shape of a Crayola crayon. It will open up to feature 3 sizes of soft silicone ear cushions, where there ought to be one just for every and any kid in the household. You can choose from Crayola colors such as purple pizzazz, cotton candy (pink), caribbean green, and blue berry.

Last but not least, you can offer a different method to protect your iPod touch, thanks to the existence of Color Clickers and Crayon Classics. Crayola Color Clickers will merge a protective polycarbonate shell with 28 interchangeable color stripes, offering young iPod users the option of coming up with their very own color combinations throughout the week, making them feel that they have a spanking new iPod each time. Color Clickers will come in green and yellow alongside coordinating color stripes.

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Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 09:30 AM PDT

When it comes to living out the wireless lifestyle, the Bluetooth connectivity standard has certainly done its part to promote such a thing among consumer electronics users. Still, the number and popularity of Bluetooth devices are not exactly at a very high penetration level – leaving cable gremlins more than happy as they have plenty of wires and cables to tangle up whenever you are not looking. For folks who are adamant in making the push for a wireless lifestyle where speakers are concerned can always look forward to the Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker.

Coming in a special and portable design, the Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker will offer 2 × 2 watts of exceptional audio performance that will play nice with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, never mind as to whether it is the iPhone 4S, an Android-powered smartphone, the new iPad from Apple, the iPad’s closest rival – the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or MacBook Pro amongst others.

The new Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker tips the scales at a mere 9.6 ounces and in order to be well and truly free from the shackles of a cable, it will also sport a built-in rechargeable battery that is said to deliver up to 6 hours of playtime, resulting in what some might deem as the perfect audio solution whenever you are on the go. This new Bluetooth speaker will feature a dual-channel speaker system with each channel output capable of delivering up to two watts of power for optimum sound quality. Not only that, despite its compact enclosure, it is still more than capable of pumping out audio that has enhanced low-end bass frequencies.

The Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker will also come equipped with an auxiliary port which allows you to hook it up to other non-Bluetooth devices, although that would definitely ruin your mojo in an attempt to go as wireless as possible around the home. You can control some functions of the device via integrated volume, pause/play and power buttons that are located right on the top of the speaker. The Satechi Audio Cube Bluetooth Speaker will retail for $44.99 if you are interested.

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The Jellyfish Aquarium – the REAL Deal for your Desktop

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 09:07 AM PDT

We all know how relaxing fish are, but have you ever had the pleasure of watching real live jellyfish? I remember standing in front of jellyfish aquarium at Marineland and it was nothing short of mesmerizing. Even seeing them while out snorkeling is a sight to behold (as long as it’s not those blue ones with the long and nasty tentacles, but that’s another story) I have always found these creatures to be very beautiful. Don’t you wish you could have them as pets?

Well now you can! A guy named Alex who studied Marine Biology at Duke University used to make large commercial jellyfish tanks and wished people could keep them at home as well. Unfortunately jellyfish cannot be kept in standard tanks because they are easily injured or killed by the filtration systems. Alex designed an appropriate habitat for these delicate creatures, and the Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium was born.

The Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium began as another Kickstarter project that quickly reached its funding goals and is now in production. One simply orders the kit that includes everything you need to set up your aquarium, and once you’re ready, they send real jellyfish “live” rock and proper food, straight to your door.

The 7 gallon, crystal clear acrylic tank has a specialized built in filtration system and it has enough room to keep around 5 fabulous jellyfish. The kit comes with a nifty lighting system to give your new pals some high tech lighting and the tank works plugged into the US standard 120V electric outlet.

The kits come in 1 fish, 3 fish and deluxe sizes, with everything you need to get started, with prices beginning at around $285. I’d say its a whole lot cooler than a Hamster. To purchase, or for more information visit jellyfishart.com


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Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Do you think that dogs are able to count? I might be inclined to think of it that way, but I guess they, on purpose, do not want to let you in on the game as they want you to throw that ball or frisbee for as many times as possible, since retrieving is one of their favorite activities (for select breeds, of course). Well, the $19.99 Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank is something else altogether, while his other friends were busy learning how to dig a hole in the garden or finding ways to scare the neighborhood cat, Bailey was crunching numbers and went straight to Accounting School, ending up as a banker who loves nothing better to do than to count cold, hard cash.

No, you do not feed him nuts and bolts, but instead, a steady stream of coins will get the job done. Bailey is a well mannered pooch to boot, where he awaits patiently for you to place a coin in his dish, where he will then ‘snack’ on said coin and swallow it – for a rainy day, of course, since he suffers from a permanent case of constipation. Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank is powered by a couple of AA batteries.

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Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 08:26 AM PDT

“Just how much do you love me? Let me count the ways…” is a phrase which is often whispered by ladies who are enamored by the man in their lives, and will accompany such a thought with an innocent flower, picking away a petal one at a time while leaving the result of whether or not they are loved by said man to chance. Well, for those of us who are more cerebral and know that love is a verb as much as it is a noun, here is one way of visualizing love for your other half – with the $11.99 Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug. Just how does it work? All you need to do is fill it up with a hot beverage of your choice, and the pixels will also start to fill up the heart with red.

It goes without saying that each hot drink you make for your mate will remind you of his or her love for you, and when you are done with that particular drink, you know it is time to reciprocate such love by making another drink in return. The Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug can hold up to 12.8 ounces of your favorite hot beverage, and it should not be microwaved since the heat-changing ink cannot withstand heat beyond the level of a cup of tea or coffee.

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Songza – the Simplest Soundtrack for your Life

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 07:16 AM PDT



There are so many music options all over iTunes and the Android market it’s almost impossible to cover them all, its harder still to come up with any that are vastly different from the other guy. I spend a rather large amount of time organizing my music collection into playlists for different activities, sometimes its a very relaxing way to pass the time, other times I wish I could just have something at the ready for that extremely rare moment I might feel like a quick jog, or when I needed a nice upbeat tempo to wake me up after not having enough sleep.

Well, here’s something new from out of the vast music universe, Songza. Songza is a unique curated music option that determines the day and time, and then decides what kind of activity you might likely be engaged in, then after you select from waking up or working out etc. Songza lets you quickly choose what kind of wake up or workout you might prefer, and Volia! The perfect soundtrack for your special  moments.

Songza is different, because it’s not based on the premise that if you like this, you will like that (like Pandora). It does not require any searching or organizing by you (like Spotify), you dont have to know what the heck you want, just what you want to do, and how you want to do it. Songza is simple, fun, and free. So whether you want to wake up, get high, give a massage or simply sit on the back porch,  Songza lets the music flow… and you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

Songza is available on the web at www.Songza.com and as an application for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire and Android platform.

source: www.MTVhive.com

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