26 April, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Cardo scala rider G9 – Can you Hear Me Now?

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 08:21 AM PDT

My husband and I both have our motorcycle licenses, and it was my dad that taught me to ride, and while it makes me a little more nervous than it used to, I still love the idea of a bike… the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth. But if we all go out together, its just so hard to communicate – even with some of the better helmet systems out there.

That is until now, let me introduce you to Cardo scala rider G9, Cardo Systems Inc (a Pittsburgh PA company) specializes in the design and development of state of the art communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle helmets and the G9 is no exception. Featuring unparalleled intercom connectivity and wireless access to mobile phones, GPS and MP3 music, this super slim, compact headset installs in minutes and lets you talk to up to 8 fellow riders almost a mile away.

But that’s not the best part, the G9 also allows spontaneous connections to other scala riders using the G9 or the G4, so waving becomes a thing of the past as this system lets you reach out and actually say hi! Other unique functions include “Flash Pairing” where users establish connections by bumping two of the G9′s together or Hot Dial calling  or “Group Signal” that lets a rider initiate alerts to other members of his crew and they even have a Cardo Community, Heck! Its like social networking on wheels.

So make calls, get GPS directions, plan meet-ups, or just listen to the built in FM radio, the G9 will help you do it all. The G9 provides about 12 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby. It can be charged in 3 hours and is compatible (within limits) with the entire scala line. For more info please visit Cardosystems.com


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RJ-45 keychain rack for recycling fans

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 06:30 AM PDT

If you love to go green and perform DIY recycling projects at home, then you might be interested to check out this particular Instructable that will see you breathe new life into old RJ-45 plugs. What you will need would be some network cable, male RJ-45 plugs, colored rubber protectors for the RJ-45 plug, as well as enough key rings to go around. You will need to form the key chain using a RJ-45 plug crimper, a pair of scissors as well as a cutting or sleeving tool. Once the key chain bit is complete, the rack for the key chain is next.

The next time you arrive home, forget about tossing your keys onto the table, where it will then develop a mind of its own and decide to get lost so that you will be frustrated whenever you are in a hurry and need to get out of the house, pronto! This unique DIY creation will make sure your keys remain where they are, while you can sleep soundly knowing you did your bit to prevent our landfills from bulging up ever slightly more.


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TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Love all things Dr. Who? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to check out the $29.99 TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive which is being prepared to be released sometime this September. Targeting serious collectors for all things Dr. Who, the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive is pretty much self explanatory – it will come with 4GB of internal memory for you to stash all your favorite essays on Dr. Who as well as script breakdowns and analysis, and there is also a blue LED light which kicks into action whenever the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive is plugged in.

Not only that, this little puppy will double up as a keyring, allowing it to follow you wherever you are, so much so that you need not worry about not having a USB flash drive when you need one during the most random moments. You will not be able to do any time travel with this, but files can travel with you wherever you are – as long as the grand total of files do not exceed the remaining space on the TARDIS 4GB USB flash drive, of course.

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Is it a Boat? a Plane? NO, it’s a Submarine

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 05:58 AM PDT

I find it completely amazing the types of things one might be able to experience, provided they have several million dollars of disposable income lying around in their pillow cushions, I guess a bit more understandable is the sheer number of companies out there ready to cater to those folks with that kind of money.

When I have my first splurge worthy few million, I’m heading off to Hawkes Ocean Technologies for the new Deepflight Merlin. The lightweight, private, luxury submarine, is dubbed the Learjet of the deep. This high-performance, positively buoyant 3 passenger vehicle is equipped with state of the art, patented safety systems and extends the overall capabilities of scuba, following SCUBA rules, while offering the unique experience of underwater flight.  

Unlike most conventional submersibles which use ballast to sink in the water, the DeepFlight submersibles use downward “lift” on the wings so you can actually ”fly” down to depth. Think about it, you and two of your closest friends can sweep over colorful reefs, banking turns while searching for sunken treasure or simply enjoying the view. Flying and gliding through the undersea world, all this, and you never have to worry about falling out of the sky like a shot duck.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies offers a complete range of submersibles that can dive from the surface to the deepest parts of the ocean. Ultra-lightweight and compact, all the DeepFlight submersibles can be operated from your boat or from the shore. Personally, I’m going with the boat option, might as well grab myself a yacht while I’m at it. To check out specs or pricing please visit Deepflight.com and I’ll see ya around the reefs!


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Kinect Star Wars app arrives on Nokia Lumia devices

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 05:30 AM PDT

If you happen to own a Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 900, then this bit of news is definitely right up your alley. After all, there is no point in getting a smartphone if you are not going to go all social with it, which is just what this particular app has done. For folks who remain glued to their Facebook and Twitter accounts all day long, then the Kinect Star Wars app would add a flavorful twist to your social networking experience on the go. After all, it will be able to let you keep up to date with the latest news feeds as well as tweets from friends regardless of whether they are on Facebook or Twitter, in Star Wars style.

For instance, you will be able to check out tweets in the classic method where each Star Wars movie opens, with the title sequence scrolling upwards and disappearing as it gets smaller and smaller. The opening crawl, as it is called, will fade into the distance ala Star Wars, and when you turn your smartphone on its side, the Star Wars theme will continue to play, before you catch yourself humming along without realizing it.

Just what kind of other features can you expect from the Kinect Star Wars app? How about sound bites from R2-D2 and C-3PO to keep you company? Two of the world’s most famous droids come together in this effort, and this app which weighs in at 11MB will also make it a snap for you to post a tweet or a status update, as there is a post icon which is located at the bottom of the screen. You will first need to fill up what you want to tell the whole world, with the choice to say just where you are, while adding your location and photo for added effect. Once you are satisfied, there will be a couple of buttons located at the top of the screen which represent Facebook and Twitter, where you can choose to select or deselect either one or both at will, depending on where you want your message to end up.

Download the Kinect Star Wars app from the Windows Phone Marketplace today, and just make sure your smartphone is running on Windows Phone 7.5 at least before you get started.

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ColorWare Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Most of us do not bother to pick up a decent pair of headphones to go along with our smartphones, simply because we are not serious with our music. However, that does not mean that there is another group out there who pay serious attention to the kind of music which goes through their ears, settling for nothing less than the highest bitrate on their audio files which has been transferred over to their portable media player or smartphones of choice.

Apart from a high quality audio file, the next logical step to take would be to have a decent or at least high end pair of headphones to go along with your device. ColorWare has come up with something which can be said to be their expertise, tapping into their years of experience when it comes to customizing high-end electronics, with the release of the Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones. No doubt Beats by Dre are the popular choice with music lovers just about everywhere, and ColorWare has kicked things up by a notch to make these headphones all the more irresistible.

For a limited time only, ColorWare will be offering Beats by Dre Studio headphones with an iridescent finish. What makes this iridescent finish so special? Well, it really depends on which angle you would look at it from, where the iridescent paint will deliver a dramatic color changing effect, never mind when you are even in a low-light environment. There are three different color shifting paint finishes from ColorWare for you to choose from, including Blue to Red-color shifts from blue to warm red, purple and copper, Red to Gold-color shifts from red to orange, gold and slights hints of maroon, and Gold to Silver-color shifts from gold to radiant, yet icy, silvery blue and green.

Since these will be special edition headphones, you can be sure that such exclusivity will not come cheap. We are talking about the Illusion Beats by Dre headphones retailing for a cool $1,000 apiece, where they will come with an embroidered, black Ultrasuede carrying case for that added touch of luxury. The headphones themselves will ship within two to three weeks’ time if you have deep enough pockets.

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