01 May, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

The Tranquil Turtle – Easy Sleep for Everybody!

Posted: 01 May 2012 08:38 AM PDT


 Oh the trials and tribulations of being a mom, I guess I’ve come to realize we all make mistakes, like the one I made letting my little one sleep in my room, just so I could get some shut eye… and now the real work begins, trying to get her into her own “big girl” room, we’ve tried everything. Every nightlight, music box, book, and we got exactly, nowhere.

I am certain the folks over at Cloud B know exactly how I feel, already famous for their beautiful, cuddly and soothing nighttime companions like the Twilight Turtle and Sleep Sheep, their newest offering is nothing short of delightful. To my rescue has come Cloud B’s Tranquil Turtle, and tranquil he is… projecting a magical rippling underwater effect on the walls and ceiling the Tranquil Turtle has transformed my daughters room into a peaceful and comforting sleep spa.

I know that light up toys for bedtime aren’t new, but there’s something extra special about the Tranquil Turtle, and he’s not just relaxing to toddlers that are afraid of the dark. I’m not embarrassed to tell you that on more than one occasion I have fallen fast asleep to the Tranquil Turtles ocean sounds and enchanting overhead display.

The Tranquil Turtle is a calming, enjoyable sleep companion, he plays gentle ocean type sounds or sweet soothing music, projects a wonderful, rippling blue underwater effect that takes the edge of the darkness, but is still very conducive to falling asleep, he has an auto shutoff at around 45 minutes, operates on AAA batteries or an AC adaptor and he comes with a cute little story book. I’m happy to tell you that ANYONE that needs a little extra help drifting off to sleep at night, would enjoy being introduced to the Tranquil Turtle. Get one today at  amazon.com  for right around 50 bucks. Now I’m off to take a nap.


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Twine – Hang on, I Just got a Tweet from my Air Conditoner

Posted: 01 May 2012 07:42 AM PDT

If you have even the mildest kind of anxiety issues, you know what its like to worry. I cant say I’ve actually ruined a vacation, or extended trip away from home, but I can say that I have worried about the house flooding or freezing or even the fridge breaking down (and yes, that happened once, hence my discomfort now.) Wouldn’t it be nice if the stuff at home could talk to you?

Now it can, Twine is a wireless device thats used with a cloud-based service. The unit includes WiFi, as well as temperature and vibration sensors, and it also has an expansion slot for other kinds of sensors. Twine is powered by the on-board micro USB or two AAA batteries. So Twine can not only warn you of an emergency, but it can tell you that your laundry is done, grandma is awake, or that you left the garage door open! So go ahead, let the stuff in your house text, tweet or e-mail!

The Spool web app is what makes it simple for you monitor your Twine, or Twines from a browser anywhere in the world. You simply set up the rules that will trigger messages and you wont need to be a programmer to do it. You just set up the event based on a certain situation, and the required response, like, If the sensor gets wet, then tweet “the house is flooding!” and don’t worry, the company actually gets you started with a whole bunch of rule sets, and you can share cool rules you have created with other Twine owners.

Setup is easy. There’s nothing to install, just connect it to your WIFI. The unit comes with a thermometer and an accelerometer and you can add a magnetic switch (for doors, windows, or even to let you know the mail came) or a moisture sensor that can put your basement flooding scenario to bed once and for all! All this for under 100 bucks, pre-order now at supermechanical.com


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Samsung Series 7 Chronos is drool-worthy

Posted: 01 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

When it comes to notebooks, you know for sure that the more you fork out, the better the specifications and design would be. This particular rule of thumb does not apply only to a notebook or other pieces of consumer electronics, but across the board for just about anything else as well. Samsung’s latest Series 7 Chronos notebook is definitely worth looking at, where it comes encased in a premium compact and light aluminum chassis, coupled with Intel's 3rd generation Core i7 and ExpressCache that makes this into a worthy desktop replacement for work purposes (not gaming, mind you).

It is said that Intel's 3rd generation Core i7 Quad Core processor is capable of performing up to 25% faster than its former generation, while consuming 20% less battery. With the innovative ExpressCache technology developed by Diskeeper that offers 8GB of flash memory on the motherboard, this would translate to a far speedier start-up time in addition to increasing the notebook’s overall performance.

Apart from its exceptional speed, the Series 7 Chronos 17 will also not come up short when it comes to performance. Expect your eyes to appreciate the high-quality Full HD display that boasts of 300nit brightness and 1080p resolution, where Samsung's MaxScreen technology ensures you will be able to enjoy up to an extra inch of immersive viewing without having to sacrifice mobility or portability.

Samsung's engineering department has also managed to reduce the bezel size of the Series 7 Chronos 17 to make its 17.3" display fit into a profile that is normally reserved for 16" models, ending up with a stunning viewing experience.

You can also expect above average graphics thanks to the inclusion of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB graphics, allowing you to enjoy films, games and multimedia with faultless playback. Apart from that, your ears will also be pleased to hear what the JBL optimized speakers and a subwoofer are able to pump out, where enhanced low pitch with Bass Boost technology delivers the beat users have been craving. Any takers?

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LG Electronics announces beta opening of their LG Cloud service

Posted: 01 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Everyone seems to be jumping aboard the cloud bandwagon these days, and LG Electronics does not want to miss out on this opportunity as well. Having said that, LG Electronics have announced the beta opening of their LG Cloud service with the main objective listed as offering seamless connectivity and streaming access to all digital content across an array of different electronic devices.

While the word cloud is one of today’s hottest IT buzzwords, the LG Cloud claims to be the first of its kind which enables users to manage and consume all types of content across "three screens" – where this would mean an Android-powered smartphone, PCs and smart TVs (which are not limited to CINEMA 3D models) without the need for a separate set-top box.

In order to make use of the service, users are required to download the LG Cloud app from Google Play or LG SmartWorld app store from their Android smartphones, LG SmartWorld store from their LG Smart TVs or the LG Cloud website (www.lgecloud.com) from their PCs or notebooks. LG's Cloud service is smart enough to automatically synchronize smartphone content with the cloud server, alongside the user's PC and TV. Both photos and videos that were taken with the smartphone can also be viewed and streamed to the PC or TV just about instantaneously without any lag.

Apart from that, videos that were edited on a PC can also be uploaded to LG Cloud for viewing later over a smartphone. What is different from other cloud services is this – there is very little waiting or lag time as the content is streamed to the TV, PC or smartphone, and no downloading os required in the first place at all.

What makes this difference? LG's Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology is the answer, as the conversion itself happens on the server in realtime, and not on the device itself. You need not worry about installing codecs or converters, since everything happens seamlessly and in the background, without any of the user’s involvement, and no other cloud service can say that they offer the same.

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iHome iP4 Boombox

Posted: 01 May 2012 05:30 AM PDT

Who can remember the times when one carries boomboxes around? Those who lived through the era of the Sony Walkman – and I am talking about the cassette based Walkmans here, and none of the MP3 nonsense that this modern generation are used to. The £199.99 iHome iP4 Boombox will open up a bridge between the old and the new, as it boasts a design that harks from the era of boomboxes in the 1980s, although there is a dock to place your iOS-powered device. Some things, however, remain the same, as the iHome iP4 Boombox will be powered by half a dozen D batteries, which is rarely used these days.

Forget about the chrome and flashing lights that can be found in its ancestors, as these have been replaced by a stylish grey (or vibrant pink if you prefer) rubberized texture as well as an adjustable LCD equalizer. The magnetic remote control allows you to play, pause, skip tracks or adjust the volume from a distance, or alternatively, you can always rely on the iPhone's touchscreen directly.

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Frobo Pet Bowl

Posted: 01 May 2012 05:00 AM PDT

It goes without saying that many living things are made up of mostly water, and very few species are able to live in a hot and arid condition for long periods of time that span years without a single drop of water. As for our four legged friends, they too, need fresh water frequently, and considering that they sweat through their tongues, making sure there is an adequate supply of fresh water is all the more important. With the $29.99 Frobo Pet Bowl, you are able to ensure Fido has a refreshing drink at all times, as it is capable of chilling water for up to 8 hours.

You need not prepare ice cubes for your pooch, as some dogs like to chew on them ice cubes, and these tend to melt too fast as well. Why not rely on good old fashioned science to get the job done? The Frobo Pet Bowl requires you to put the freeze core in the freezer for a couple of hours. Wait until the color turns into blueish-white, which signals that you’re ready to place the core in the base, followed by filling it up with water.

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