10 May, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Ringtones only Teenagers can Hear – and Maybe your Dog

Posted: 10 May 2012 01:44 PM PDT


Did you ever notice that just as you grow up, you realize you’re missing out on a whole bunch of neat stuff that our kids get to have? I’m not saying I don’t have my own Nintendo and that I don’t play XBox and I haven’t dabbled in some World of Warcraft, but damn, if I were a teenager today I would have the world by the… you know what.

Check this out, for several years teenagers have been able to receive calls and text messages late at night or in their classrooms and their parents and teachers have never had a clue. How is this possible? Quite simple really, humans have the ability to hear much better before the age of 20 and thereafter, we begin to lose our ability to hear higher frequency sounds. A certain high pitched sound was developed to keep kids from “gathering” at malls and shopping centers. So, teens started recording that sound on their cell phones to use as a ring tone. Now, when a teenager's phone is ringing, only the kid, and probably most of his friends, can hear it.

So this information isn’t that new, of course its certainly the first I’ve heard of it, so in case you missed it too, I’m passing the info on to you. That, and the fact you can now buy, what is called the Mosquito Ringtone, which is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for only 99 cents and available at iTunes What? Did you say something? Is that my phone?


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Power Hour USB Shotglass – Prepare to Party

Posted: 10 May 2012 08:15 AM PDT

My birthday is on Monday, so we’re celebrating on Saturday and I’ve been trying to plan something all week. I just cant seem to find the right venue to get myself all liquored up. I’m looking for a certain feel, I kinda want to party like I did in college… the kind of fun that you didn’t mind hurting from for a day or two after the fact… ah to be young again.

Well, I think I found just the party favor to enhance the evenings festivities and I don’t even have to leave the house, check out the Shot Glass USB, not only is it a shotglass, on a lanyard, so it is constantly at the ready and unable to be misplaced, thereby saving valuable drinking time, but it is also a 1 gigabyte USB, not loaded with spreadsheets or pictures of your last boring vacation to Florida… but (wait for it) …one minute drinking songs, with which, you play the Power Hour Drinking Game!

Here’s how to play, you simply gather up several of you’re closest friends (you know, the ones that wont write on your body with Sharpie markers and then post the pictures on Facebook) and then purchase your favorite beer, lastly, you start playing the one minute drinking music and everyone takes a shot, each time one of the songs end. 60 ounces in 60 minutes… let the games begin.

Okay we are not encouraging drunken debauchery here, we all know we have to drink responsibly, I did say I was staying home remember? but with songs like ” I’m Fine Occifer” and ” If you’re Wasted and You Know it” I think we all know where the evening is headed. You can get your USB Shotglass at powerhouralbum.com for around 30 bucks and please don’t miss the video and song samples, or just visit the artists webpage and proceed to ”drunk text” her at alispagnola.com  by the way, wish me luck….

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SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone

Posted: 10 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

When it comes to driving, it makes perfect sense if you were to ensure that both of your hands remain on the wheel at all times – after all, talking on your smartphone, especially in an animated or heated conversation, might just cause you to lose that wee bit of additional concentration on the road, so much so that you might end up in an accident that nobody wants.

A minor scrape or knock is all right, but what happens when your one free hand is not enough to get the steering wheel in the direction of your choice to avoid that pedestrian? This is where hands-free car kits come in handy, and the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone that will be available only in sleek black, might just help you out if you love talking on the phone while driving.

According to Yves Le Reun, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, "SuperTooth has a rich heritage in the Bluetooth speakerphone space, creating the first-ever speakerphone to be clipped onto a car's sun visor in 2004 and evolving into a pioneer of stylish and user-friendly designs that give drivers the ability to talk on phones safely no matter what type of vehicle they're driving. SuperTooth accounted for 45% market share in the category in 2011, with 6 million devices sold worldwide since 2004."

Just in case you feel that the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone looks familiar, that is because it first debuted at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this year, and among the features of the Crystal include a slim, sleek design, a durable magnetic clip that helps it attach to the sun visor, instant hands-free calling capability, automatic pairing and multi-point technology which allows you to hook up to a couple of phones simultaneously, a 20-hour battery life for hands-free conversation, and the ability to stream music directly from all Bluetooth A2DP-enabled phones. Not only that, you can also use it to announce turn-by-turn navigation from a Bluetooth A2DP-enabled smartphone.

The remaining battery level of the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone will be shown on the screen of your iPhone, which is something that Android-powered devices are unable to do at the moment. Hopefully that will change with future versions of the software, but right now, if you want the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone, you will need to cough up $69 for it.

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Bracketron MetalDock Charging Dock for iPhone 4/4S

Posted: 10 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

When it comes to iPhone charging docks, they are dime a dozen out there in the market. The thing is, just which model should you choose? Bracketron intends to persuade you to pick up the MetalDock Charging Dock for iPhone 4/4S that is said to merge aesthetics and function in a lightweight and portable design. The dock itself is able to hook up to just about any available USB port in order to juice up and synchronize your device whenever it is not in use. Not only that, you can opt to charge up your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in either landscape or portrait modes, where rubberized feet are there in place in order to hold the dock securely where it is – leaving you with no worries whatsoever that it might just end up on the floor eventually.

This fast charging dock will also come with an embedded cable that measures 3 feet in length, leaving you with a simple and elegant manner to position your smartphone for easy viewing even when you are using alarm clock apps. Out later this June, the Bracketron MetalDock will retail for $34.95 a pop. Check out the other devices from Bracketron that was announced at CTIA 2012 right after the jump.

As for Bracketron's highly anticipated GreenZero line, this collection of stylish and eco-friendly mobile device chargers and batteries will be made available for you to pick up later this May. For those who are not in the know, just what is GreenZero technology all about? It is said to be the most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge up your power hungry mobile devices, where the chargers are smart enough to detect the moment where your plugged in device is fully juiced up, shutting off power automatically so that the phenomenon known as “vampire drain” does not happen.

This will not only ensure the longevity of your device’s battery life, it will also limit top-off charging time. As an example, the Mushroom GreenZero is the most ergonomic charger of the range, where it will start charging right away when connected to a device with low battery levels as long as you press the "mushroom" button with your hand or foot. Once fully charged or unplugged, the charger will shut off automatically, paving the way for zero standby energy consumption. Going green is definitely in, and your devices too, would appreciate the conservation of their batteries in the long run.

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85 Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course

Posted: 10 May 2012 05:30 AM PDT

You know for sure that being in the military is no walk in the park – you obviously need to be in tip top physical condition at all times, and it makes sense for you to spend plenty of time working out – whether at the gym, or at an obstacle course which sometimes might come in handy as you crawl through various obstacles which might just be presented in the field of war. Enter the $12,500 85 Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course – the name itself says it all – it is 85 feet in length, and will definitely challenge even the most seasoned legs and hands in the military.

Since it is inflatable, you can be sure that it will be able to be stowed away easily and in a jiffy, and you definitely do not need that much storage space once all the air within has been removed. A couple of portholes are there for you to jump through, and there is also a trio of “hedgehog” obstacles which will slow down your momentum if poorly navigated, hence increasing the difficulty of clearing the ensuing obstacle that comprises of a 16′-high rope swing.

There is far more than that, of course, and you would do well to make sure you are at your level best at all times if you were to navigate through this particular obstacle course within the shortest time possible. Good thing you need not exhaust yourself first before even starting with round one, as a quartet of air pumps that are powered by an AC outlet with 25′ cords will be able to inflate the course in just 10 minutes.

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Mini Star Wars Arcade

Posted: 10 May 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Honey, I shrunk the Star Wars Arcade cabinet. Yes sir, no pesky kids will have to undergo the deadly rays of a shrinking gun, but instead, the art of miniaturization has been upped to a totally new galaxy, with this particular Star Wars Arcade cabinet that has been shrunk down in size all the way to just 12″. Not only that, despite being such a tiny replica, it will actuall work, thanks to the inclusion of an actual working control yoke, glowing coin slots so that you know where to place those hard earned coins of yours, as well as a 100% playable emulated version of the original game. This is one of the more wicked mods that I have seen so far when it comes to Star Wars merchandise, although your fingers will probably not appreciate you spending hours on end with this. Will your hands keel over in pain from cramps, or your eyes go first from squinting too much? After all, you do not have the ability to wield the Force for playing on such a tiny Yoda-sque cabinet.


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