18 May, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

The Fold Flat Grill – Instant Summer Fun

Posted: 18 May 2012 10:53 AM PDT

Ah yes, its that time again, the leaves are sprouting on the trees, the daytime temperatures are warm and breezy and any minute it’ll be time to uncover the pool and whip out the barbecue grill. How much of a project your summer set up will be, depends a little bit on the kind of grill you have.

Well here’s a grill that provides instant cookout pleasure anywhere you decide to set it up. This stainless steel grill folds as flat as a pancake, hence the name, the Fold Flat Grill. The Fold Flat is less than an inch thick for unmatched portability when folded and unfolds to a rather surprising 17 3/4″ L x 13″ W x 13″ H, ideal for tailgates, picnics, beaches, or simply at home.

The Fold Flat Grill provides around a 17 1/2″ x 13″ W cooking area, a good size for up to six filets, chops or hamburgers. Two triangle-shaped vents on either side and three vent holes let air into the charcoal well that also serves as a receptacle for easily emptying the ash. The sloping sides of the grill provides a 3″ shelf on both sides for the indirect heating of stuff like veggies and buns.

So if you’re ready to head out to the beach, the woods or just have limited storage space in your camper or at your apartment, the Fold Flat Grill could be a fun option. The Fold Flat Grill is available from our friends at Hammacher.com for under 80 bucks. I’ll bring the chips and beer.

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Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask – What Would You Dream About?

Posted: 18 May 2012 10:46 AM PDT

Sometimes you come across a gadget that seems just a bit surreal, perhaps you saw the idea in a movie, and you thought to yourself that maybe someday in the far away future we might actually have something similar, what is hard to believe, is that some of what you thought was creative sci-fi imagination, is heading our way right now.

How about mind control, ever think that would happen? Check out Remee, a special REM enhancing sleep mask that is supposed to help steer you into lucid dreaming, thats right, the premise is, that if your sleeping brain can be made aware that it is dreaming, you can train yourself to have the dreams of your choice. So fly, race cars or play the perfect round of golf, seriously, what would you choose to dream about if you could?

Heres how the idea works, sleep stages are primarily non-REM and REM (REM being where most dreaming occurs) you cycle through these stages throughout the night with your REM stages lasting the longest towards morning, Remee notices these longer REM stages and  ”enters” your dreams via 6 red LED’s that you can “see” even with your eyes closed. You don’t wake up, but you are made aware that you are dreaming and can then learn to direct your dreams.

You can customize Remee in order to accommodate different sleep styles, sleep patterns, or nap cycles, and you can adjust the intensity of the lights in case you have super thick or thin peeper lids but once you get it adjusted and spend some time with it, it seems like Remee can  take us all to an alternate universe. My bags are packed. You can pre-order your Remee at sleepwithremee.com for only about 95 bucks.


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Inflatable Lake Slide

Posted: 18 May 2012 03:53 AM PDT

I don’t suppose you own a lake, but if you do and you absolutely loathe fishing, then you ought to seriously consider getting the $499.95 Inflatable Lake Slide from Hammacher. After all, this inflatable slide will usher in a summer of fun, considering how it can be quickly attached to a lakeside dock or landing in order to deliver exhilarating descents of hyperactive kids and adults right into the water. Using reinforced PVC as the material of choice, it is capable of handling plenty of wear and tear, defying abrasions in the process, while being specially coated for UV protection so that it does not deteriorate even when placed under the sun for long periods of time.

The slide’s 9′-long gliding surface will be reinforced by a couple of air chambers which will center riders en route to total immersion. Just make sure your dock is secured between 12″ to 30″ high from the water in order for it to work. As long as you do not tip the scales at 200 lbs. in weight, then you are good to go, although I cannot promise that you will not end up with chaffs to your skin if it is not properly lubricated with water beforehand.

More info over at Hammacher.

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