25 May, 2012

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Latest Posts on Coolest Gadgets

Voicepic – Your Pictures Speak a Thousand Words (well 30 anyway)

Posted: 25 May 2012 11:17 AM PDT

When I send anyone a picture, I always try to send a little caption with it. I know that when it reaches the intended recipient that something is lost in the translation. Its one thing to get a picture that says I love you.. It’s another to actually hear theses words spoken by your loved one, and nothing says ‘cool’ like a picture of you at a rock concert with a little audio snippet of some hot tunes and a cheering crowd slapped on your Facebook page.

Well, Smartphone users can now easily let their pictures speak for themselves with this brand new photo sharing app, Voicepic, which allows you to add a 5 second audio recording to any of your photographs and then share them to Facebook or on the Voicepic website, almost instantly. Voicepics can also be shared via your regular e-mail account, Twitter or other social outlets.

Voicepic brings us a much more multi sensory form of communication, it allows us many unique personalization options and a whole bunch of creative messaging opportunities than we  ever had before. Birthday greetings and thinking of you notes will never be the same.

Voicepic is pretty simple to use, and easily lets us create customized Voicepics to be sent to friends or uploaded to social media sites in seconds.  Once an image is shot, the user can create a completely customized 5-second voice recording that will play along with the image.  Whether it is a comedic soundtrack, a heartfelt message, or a simple birthday message, Voicepic is the picture perfect new way to share your life with friends, family and colleagues.

Voicepic will be available for iPhone users for free, beginning today, right from the iTunes store. Let your pictures be heard.



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iTwin – Your Computer, Wherever You Need it.

Posted: 25 May 2012 11:05 AM PDT


Imagine that you could carry everything that’s on your computer right in your pocket. What if you could just plug in and access the contents of your entire hard drive? Would it be useful to you to be able to view, edit and upload data to AND from your remote computer? What if  it was completely safe, and easy, and you weren’t getting charged any monthly fees?

Then you should check out  iTwin, a very cool double-sided thumb drive that splits apart in the middle and works like a double sided cable, (without the cable, of course) just plug one half into one computer and the other half into a different computer (both Internet connected) and Voila! the computers are connected, your files are instantly available.

The iTwin doesn’t actually store the data, it just enables an Internet connection between the 2 computers, so no one can gain access to your information without physically having possession of the 2nd half of your iTwin device, and you always have the option to password protect access.

Your data remains on the primary computer and is not processed through any third party cloud server so everything remains safe and secure, and don’t worry, if you accidentally lose half of your iTwin, you’ll even be able to remotely disable that half, so no one will be stealing your new bestseller, accessing your naughty pictures or checking out your confidential drug trial information.

So use it to share files with a friend or family member, or to bring your business files home, use it for student group projects, business presentations or just simply to work where and when you want to. Also go check out the new iTwin Multi, enabling you to share your info with LOTS of people. The single iTwin is available now, in lime green or gunmetal gray for only 99 dollars at iTwin.com.



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LG’s “Ultimate Display” OLED TV looks stunning

Posted: 25 May 2012 06:30 AM PDT

LG Electronics of South Korea has just ushered in a spanking new era of TV after unveiling the world's largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED TV, where the event took place in Europe at Monaco's world famous Salle des Etoiles. This particular unveiling happened right in front of an audience of 400 dealers, journalists and special guest F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, where LG officials has a mission statement in their career to churn out the most advanced commercial OLED TV in the market. I suppose they have done a pretty good job at it, and LG is also proud to be the first company to deliver these TVs to European consumers sometime in the second half of 2012.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG's Home Entertainment Company, said, "In the history of television, there have been very few innovations as impactful as the coming of OLED TV. We say THE ULTIMATE DISPLAY because LG OLED TV is truly above all expectations and beyond everyone's imagination with uncompromising picture quality and beautiful design. This year, we plan to make OLED synonymous with LG."

This 55-inch behemoth will feature WRGB technology that is touted to be the culmination of years of research and development at LG. Incidentally, LG broke new ground by being the first company in the world to deliver the first commercialized 15-inch OLED TV back in 2009. LG's 4 Color Pixel technology which relies on a white sub-pixel is there to achieve a perfect color output. A Color Refiner further enhances the image, leaving you with pictures which are the most vibrant, natural and comfortable to the human eye.

The screen is also said to offer a perfect viewing experience without any form of distortion or loss of contrast, regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle. OLED TVs are different from LCD or LED displays that require backlights, as OLED TVs generate their own light, hence doing away with the need for any backlighting. Not only that, the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) for the exterior enables LG engineers to create a final product with a thickness of only 4mm, while tipping the scales at just 10kg. This is definitely going to cost a bomb, that’s for sure.

Press Release

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Nokia delivers live traffic advice and geocoding to Bing platform

Posted: 25 May 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Nokia has certainly come a long way, and while they have jumped into the smartphone game a little bit later than the rest, that does not mean that Nokia is well and truly beaten despite resting on their laurels some years back. No sir, their alignment with Microsoft to deliver the Windows Phone operating system on their smartphones has proven to be quite the masterstroke, as the fluidness of the operating system has certainly won over the hearts and minds of many people. Well, this time around, Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft continues, with the Finnish smartphone manufacturer delivering live traffic advice as well as geocoding capability to the Bing platform.

Nokia’s partnership with Bing to deliver the best location-based services and apps has yielded with what was recently announced – Bing Maps is now using the Nokia Maps traffic information and geocoding algorithms, where it will take latitude and longitude information while connecting that to a readable address, to boot. The power of Nokia's Where Platform which was outlined last month will see action here, where Nokia is also offering compelling, market-leading functionalities to third parties so that they are able to quickly and easily create their own app experiences using location-based features.

Nokia's Where Platform will also empower Bing Maps to offer similar traffic information which is currently available at Nokia Maps in two dozen countries – namely Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK and the US.

Folks living in the above mentioned countries will be able to check out the incidents which might disrupt their journeys, while traffic information in the US which was previously available on Bing Maps will now include side streets. Even more notable is the fact that Bing Maps is now using Nokia Maps geocoding in select countries to deliver better routes and directions for those around the globe.

Press Release

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Aqua Force Blaster might give you the upper hand

Posted: 25 May 2012 05:30 AM PDT

So you are about to get involved in a water balloon fight, and you are quite sure that your opponent is not going to play clean, hiding a Super Soaker behind the bushes to turn the tables on you right before you are about to deal the coup de grace. With the £14.99 Aqua Force Blaster, there is at least a chance of fighting back on even ground, where the Aqua Force Blaster is capable of launching bombs across the length of, well, five bottlenose dolphins. It is ready to fire right out of the box, where it sports a rather hefty 'pull-and-release' action which will let you let loose long-range liquid missiles of up to 50 feet.

Apart from that, each purchase also comes with a vinyl target which allows you to zero in your Aqua Force Blaster, allowing you to be quite the sharpshooter before summer kicks off. Be the envy of your kids’ friends with this puppy as you fire away as though you have got a built-in laser targeting system.

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Inflatable Walk On Water Mat

Posted: 25 May 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Jesus and Peter walked on water, although the latter only managed a few steps before he had a crisis of faith and starting to function like a true blue mortal. Well, you might not be the Son of God, but you can also invoke supernatural powers the natural way with the $999.95 Inflatable Walk On Water Mat, allowing you to walk, run, and lounge about like a lizard – right there and then in the middle of a pool of water.

The Inflatable Walk On Water Mat is a 90′ sq. float that is capable of holding up to half a dozen adults, as long as their collective weight do not surpass the 1,000 lbs. mark, otherwise it will end up like the Titanic. You can sprint on it, perform cartwheels, and even be a human cannon ball to jump straight into a lake (make sure there are no human eating fish in there first!). One of the reasons as to why it is so durable is the material – the Inflatable Walk On Water Mat is made out of reinforced 500-denier fabric that is fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC, allowing it to withstand even the most vigorous play.

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