23 May, 2012

Regarding your online presence,

Hello there!

Our small marketing team is running a large-scale campaign to help real
estate agencies, realtors, and brokers alike, sell more of their ideal
real estate.

To put it shortly, we see grand, unseized opportunities in the real estate
market online.

We want to work with individuals or teams that would like to capture these
highly targeted sales via the search engines. This is possible because
largely, not many people have a SOLID Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The companies who largely populate the top spots of most of the real
estate search terms online are doing it because of their general
authority. It's because no one in their local area has been shown to have
enough web authority to surpass these superpowered aggregate listing sites
like Trulia, homes.com, Zillow, ETC. What we do is build you as the
authority for YOUR target market specifically, by making your web
enterprise more relevant then these sites which are only ranking because
no one else has stepped up to claim the space yet.

I would like to share what we know about search traffic related to people
interested in real estate because they are so precisely targeted. There
are people turning to Google every day to find any and all real
estate..homes, condos, apartments, rent, buy, commercial, short sale,
luxury..you name it. All geographically targeted.

To help find out who is interested in capturing searchers' attention (56%
of searchers click on the #1 result) and to, at the same time, help you
get an idea of what SEO is all about, we're offering free Market Research
Analyses. We usually do not perform this research free of charge, as it is
rather in-depth research, but the Online Real Estate Market has captured
our attention with its many possibilities.

Nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain if you choose to reach out and
grab the attention of these people directly interested in what you offer
them. Ranking myself in those positions is of no use to me, but I think it
could mean quite a bit to you.

I'd love to send you the report - I just need to know what kind of real
estate you are most interested in getting off your hands! What kind of
property are you most interested in selling more of and in what city?

With that info, I can have the report over to you within 24 hours.
These are just cold, hard numbers, revealing the power of search engine
marketing and illustrating what we can do for you to make more sales.

Feel free to e-mail or call.

Kind regards,
Kate Kowalsky
Director of Online Communications & Media
P: 734-365-1867