02 May, 2012



Nokia Lumia 800 8 MegaPixel Camera Sample Photos Taken at Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted: 02 May 2012 01:05 PM PDT

In my recent Nokia Lumia 800 Philippines unboxing and initial impressions post, I mentioned that one of the things I found impressive about the smartphone is its 8 MegaPixel camera.

3. Putting the [Windows Phone] OS aside, one area where Nokia Lumia 800 totally excels in is in taking photos. Not all 8 MegaPixel cameras are alike and I guess the Carl Zeiss optics really made this phone extra-special. The quality of shots (and even videos) I got from Nokia Lumia 800 approximate that of Nokia N8.

To prove the last statement, I've taken the liberty of uploading some 8 MegaPixel shots that I took using Nokia Lumia 800 from me and my mom's visit to Hong Kong Disneyland last April 19, 2011. All photos were taken using automatic settings and under various lighting conditions. Check them out (Click on the photos for full resolution view);

This 'Chicken with Brocolli' food shot pretty much shows the Macro mode or close-up capabilities of camera.

Purple lights, my favorite color.

Landscape shot showing the Disneyland Palace.

Some greenery.

My mom, after lunch.

Fancy buildings.

This is me having lunch with my mom. I included this to show you how well the camera captures Pinoy skintone with flash on.

'It's a Small World' a must-visit spot in Hong Kong Disneyland!

There you go. Let me know what you think about the quality of these photos. Personally, I think they are totally above average for images taken using but a cameraphone. Thumbs up, Nokia!

Why Do Pinoys Choose BlackBerry? We Want to Hear Your Story!

Posted: 02 May 2012 02:07 AM PDT

A few hours ago, to officially open BlackBerry World 2012 Conference being held currently in Orlando, Florida USA, Research in Motion's new CEO Thorsten Heins gave a 30-minute speech where he not only showed the audience parts of the user interface and some features of BlackBerry 10 - RIM's 'reimagined' OS for the next decade - via BlackBerry Dev Alpha smartphone but also reminded everyone of the core of BlackBerry and the purpose of Research in Motion.

thorsten heins

"When I talk to [BlackBerry users], they don't talk about the single things [that BlackBerry does for them], they always talk about it in the context of the one big thing that BlackBerry delivers to them every single day. And what they are really telling me is that BlackBerry is all about success. BlackBerry creates their success. BlackBerry empowers their success. And you tell us that we help you get things done. You're more productive and more competitive with the BlackBerry. You can respond faster. You're agile. You're nimble. And you can stay ahead with BlackBerry. BlackBerry creates success and lets you take care of your business -- personal or professional, in the way that suits your needs. And this ladies and gentlemen, this is the core of BlackBerry. This is the purpose of the company. And I'm so proud to be part of a company that helps people achieve their own personal successes. For more than 77 million people across the globe, BlackBerry helps them achieve success on a daily basis," shared Mr. Heins on why BB fans continue to choose BlackBerry.

Will Pinoy BB Users Agree? TP Wants to Know!

To tell you honestly, I've only owned three BlackBerry devices so far; a BlackBerry Curve 8520, which I eventually gave to my dad, and two BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, which I regularly use to browse the web, watch Youtube videos, play games, check my social media accounts and review apps.

While I absolutely admire the solid, beautiful hardware of BlackBerry devices and the key strengths of the BlackBerry software, namely security, social networking integration and messaging, obviously, I might not be the best person to ask if what Mr. Heins said actually applies to the life of the Pinoy BlackBerry user. I mean, I don't even use a BB7 smartphone on a daily basis.

Sure, I've reviewed several BlackBerry handsets in the past. But two weeks of immersion 'into' each of these devices is just not enough for me to get a very solid experience of what they can really deliver, moreso, for me to fully understand what's going on in the mind of the Pinoy BlackBerry fan.

Listening to the speech, these question popped up in my mind, "Do Pinoys actually choose BlackBerry because the handset helps them to be successful? Or do they choose it for other reasons?" Forever-inquisitive TP wants to know.

Are you a hardcore Pinoy BlackBerry fan? What do you love most about your BlackBerry? Why did you choose BlackBerry in the first place? Share your story. Kindly leave a comment below. Who knows, someone from RIM might end up reading this TP post.